Tree Safety Tips for Apartment Complexes

Date September 15, 2020


Author TreeNewal Staff

Do you own or manage a Dallas/Fort Worth area apartment complex? If so, you likely know that you need to properly maintain your apartment complex and prevent hazards in order to avoid liability lawsuits and to keep your residents safe. One of the aspects that you need to maintain and care for is your apartment complex’s trees.

To help you understand the unique tree care needs of apartment complexes, we’ve put together this list of apartment tree guidelines for you to review, bookmark, and come back to every year to make sure you’re properly caring for the trees on your apartment complex property.

  • Professionally Prune Your Trees Every Year

Pruning trees every year is a great way to promote proper tree health and keep them looking aesthetically appealing, which is important when it comes to attracting new residents to your apartment complex. But that’s not why we’ve listed professional tree pruning on our apartment tree guidelines list.

Another reason trees need to be pruned every year – typically in early spring – is to look for any limbs that are broken, damaged, or falling and may pose a risk to the people or structures at your apartment complex. As you know, a limb that falls on a resident can turn into a huge liability lawsuit. This is why tree safety is so important.

Having your trees professionally pruned every early spring shows that you were both proactively looking to prevent falling limbs and that you also engaged professionals like our ISA-certified arborists to do the job correctly. Of course, keep your tree pruning invoice as documentation that you had this important tree safety task performed.

  • Always Have Pest Infected or Tree Diseased Trees Immediately Treated

While pest infestations and tree diseases can’t spread to your residents, they can cause diseased limbs that are likely to break or fall. This is a huge tree safety hazard.

To prevent an infested or diseased tree from posing a safety risk at your apartment complex, you should seek out the immediate assistance of an ISA-Certified Arborist if you suspect a tree infestation or tree disease. Signs of these conditions include holes in the tree trunks or branches, spotted leaves falling off your trees before fall, or physically seeing tree insects on your trees’ leaves or in their canopies.

If you have a tree that has a pest infestation or tree disease, our ISA-Certified Arborists can perform multiple interventions to preserve tree safety. Tree infestations may require one or multiple treatments of professional-grade pesticides. Tree disease may require out-of-season tree pruning of disease branches – to prevent them from breaking or from the tree disease from spreading – or a tree nutrition program.

  • Call Us Immediately if You Have a Tree Emergency

Falling trees or trees that are damaged by storms – such as by heavy winds or lightning strikes – can seriously jeopardize tree safety. You never want to leave a tree emergency unattended. If you have a tree emergency, call us to come out to your site immediately. Inform residents to avoid the hazard, such as by sending out an email or text alert to all residents. Use caution tape to section off the affected tree to prevent residents from walking near or underneath the unsafe tree.

Our tree emergency services vary based on the issue at hand. Sometimes, we need to perform tree surgery and remove unsafe branches, such as branches that are broken or falling. Other times, such as the case of a falling tree, a tree needs to be removed.

  • When In Doubt, Have Tree Removal Performed

Our final piece of advice on our apartment tree guidelines list is that when in doubt about a falling tree or another tree safety hazard is that when you don’t know what else to do, call on our ISA-Certified Arborists to have it professionally removed. Having tree removal performed at your apartment complex is an easy way to make sure that a tree safety hazard, such as a falling tree or leaning tree, will no longer pose any risks to your residents or your apartment complex’s structures. While it’s often seen as a last resort due to aesthetic reasons, we find that more and more apartment complexes take to heart this piece of our apartment tree guidelines because of the huge liabilities that unsafe trees can leave apartment complexes exposed to.

If you have a tree removal performed to ensure tree safety, we can always re-landscape your area. We can perform stump removal along with your tree removal, then create a replanting design and install a new tree at the appropriate season of the year in order to re-boost the curb appeal of your apartment complex.

Additional Apartment Tree Guidelines

In addition to following our apartment tree guidelines to ensure tree safety – especially if you have falling trees – we have additional tree recommendations for apartment complexes to make sure your trees grow, thrive, and create a beautiful landscape that helps attract new residents.

These apartment tree guidelines include:

  • Mulching Your Trees

Mulching your trees does more than making the area around your trees look great. Tree mulch helps keep the moisture in the soil surrounding your trees. This is important for proper tree water absorption and ultimately, tree growth.

  • Proper Tree Watering

If you have mature trees on your property, they need to be watered every few weeks, with extra tree waterings occurring during periods with less rain or very hot weather (which we’re quite used to here in North Texas).

We can help you with proper tree watering by installing a tree watering irrigation system for you.

  • Tree Nutrition

All trees need to be nourished every year in order for them to healthily grow. At TreeNewal, our ISA-Certified Arborists apply our special blend of fertilizer to trees. When needed, we also perform root aeration to increase oxygen flow to your trees.

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