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TreeNewal is a sustainable full-service tree care company that promotes the overall health of trees and landscapes. Our services range from initial tree selection and installation to reviving established trees back to their full glory through trimming, pruning and growth solutions like Mitogrow, and even safe tree removal. Contact us to get a consultation for your unique tree service needs.

Are your trees malnourished? Ensuring your landscape is getting the nutrients it needs is an important part of supplemental tree maintenance programs. Distributing the proper nutrition through fertilization can help support trees under stress depending on soil conditions as well.

Get a tree consultation from our International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Master Arborist for a full tree diagnoses or to help create a long-term tree care plan best suited for you, your trees, and your entire landscape.

See the difference professional tree maintenance can have to your landscape. Trimming is an important part in maintaining the health and beauty of your trees. Removing dead wood and deceased trees can remove safety hazards from your property.

How healthy are your trees? Trees that are planted too low, are impacted by grade changes, or that have suffered from soil compaction above the root systems can all benefit from root aeration.

Picking the right tree that meets the requirements of your specific site is the first step in planting a lasting tree. Equally important is the quality of tree selected from our tree vendors and the techniques used to plant.

The growth solution to revitalize your landscape. Using this patented root stimulator in conjunction with a fertilizer and the aeration of the critical root zone, has successfully helped trees under stress for years.

Are insects affecting your trees? Texas is crawling with different creatures that can impact the health of your trees. Treatment of insect infestations start with preventative measures but in many cases, must be directly dealt with.

Is your tree suffering for sickness or afflications? Disease prevention by maintaining overall tree health is our goal. When trees do succumb to disease or fungus, we diagnose, treat and manage your tree’s progress and health.

TreeNewal partners with developers, builders and homeowners to create sustainable landscapes. By taking a proactive approach, TreeNewal helps mitigate the negative impacts construction has on your trees.