We Offer Professional Tree Services

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We Provide Professional Tree Services

At TreeNewal, we’re tree experts who are ISA-certified arborists and provide professional arborist services. We know all about tree health and proper tree care, and we’re here to care for your property’s trees all year-round. Whether you need a Denton arborist for annual tree maintenance, tree pruning, to assess tree health, or for something else, our team of local tree experts is here to help.


About TreeNewal

At TreeNewal, our Denton arborists have been providing tree care to local homeowners and property managers for 15 years. We know all about the tree species that grow here in North Texas, their tree care needs, and the common issues that have affect tree health. We also know how to nurse unhealthy trees back to good health so they grow and thrive for years to come.

Our Services

Our Denton arborists provide a wide variety of professional tree services. Among the arborist services we offer local homeowners and property managers include:

  • Tree Pruning – All trees need to be pruned every year, but they must be trimmed properly to prevent pest infestations and tree diseases. Our ISA-certified arborists know exactly how to perform this important tree care task to ensure your trees grow healthily and look great.
  • Tree Nutrition – Some trees need a few extra nutrients to grow and thrive. Our Denton arborists help nourish local trees by applying our special blend of fertilizer and performing root aeration to improve oxygen flow.
  • Tree Doctor – Our tree experts know how to assess tree health and determine if your tree has a pest infestation or tree disease that requires treatment. If an infestation or disease is found, our Denton arborists will put together a personalized treatment plan for your property’s tree.
  • Tree Installation – Planting new trees requires specific knowledge of the species at hand. Trees need to be planted according to special instructions and only during certain seasons. The same is true for trees that you want to transplant. Our Denton arborists can help you with this important tree care task.
  • Tree Removal – Do you need a tree removed? We can help you remove a tree that is dying, leaning, fallen, or in the way of a property improvement project.
  • Tree Emergency Response Team – Heavy winds and thunderstorms can cause damage to your trees and their limbs. If you have a storm-damaged tree, we can provide emergency tree services to keep the people and structures on your property safe.

Why Choose Us

Hundreds of your neighbors are already trusting our Denton arborists with their tree care needs. We’re trusted by members of our community because we’re local tree experts who have 15 years experience providing tree services for North Texas trees. Our reputation precedes us, and our track record speaks for itself.

Our Commitment To Quality

At TreeNewal, we love the people of Denton, Texas. We want to provide your tree care needs while also giving you excellent customer service. Our goal is to build a relationship with you so we can be your go-to tree experts for all your future tree care needs.


If you need a Denton arborist to perform arborist services at your property, you need TreeNewal. To schedule an appointment with us, call us today at 817-533-8438.

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