Tips for Summer Tree Care

Date August 04, 2020


Author TreeNewal Staff

Summer is in full swing and if you’re like several Dallas-Fort Worth area residents, you’ve got a big to-do list of chores that you’re working your way through. And for many local homeowners and property managers like you, taking care of their outdoor landscape is a high priority as our temperatures soar.

Some people don’t realize it, but tree care needs are seasonal. There are certain times of the year that you need to complete each tree care task, such as tree mulching, extra tree watering, and tree pruning. It’s important that you time these summer tree services correctly in order to maintain and protect the health of your trees.

To help you know what tree care needs should be attended to this summer, we’ve created this list of 6 tips for summer tree care.

  • Make Sure Your Trees Are Mulched

Some people think mulch is just ornamental. It’s not.

Mulching your trees is an important tree care task to ensure you can cut down on weed growth, stabilize the temperature of your trees’ soil, and conserve soil moisture, which of course is in short supply during hot Texas summers.

Ideally, you would’ve mulched your trees in the spring. But if you haven’t mulched them yet, it’s not too late to do so. In fact, adding mulch to un-mulched trees should be a top tree care priority for you.

Sometimes, Dallas-Fort Worth property owners and managers mistakenly think that when it comes to tree mulching, the more the merrier. That’s not the case. The ideal way to mulch trees is to:

  • Choose a shredded, hardwood mulch.
  • Mulch around the tree in a donut shape, making sure that no mulch is touching the tree trunk.
  • Apply 3” to 4” of mulch around your tree.

Following these steps will help your trees stay healthy, and by avoiding over mulching, you’ll reduce the risk for pest infestations, too.

  • Hot Text Summers Make Tree Watering is a Top Priority

All trees need to be watered every week. But with our hot Texas heat, tree watering is even more important when we’re in the middle of summer.

For the most part, your tree watering routine should include making sure that your trees receive 1” of water per week. But that doesn’t give you carte blanche to leave a hose at your tree’s base, turn it on, and let it run for a few hours.

Tree watering is best performed when it’s done gradually. To keep your trees properly watered during the summer and throughout the year, we recommend that you water them for a short period of time every day – ideally in the early morning or evening when the sun isn’t out.

If you don’t have the time to perform tree watering on all of your property’s trees daily, installing an irrigation hose around your trees’ bases can help.

  • Tree Nutrition is a Must This Summer

Just like we need food to grow healthy and strong, so do trees. That’s why tree nutrition is one of the most important summer tree services we provide.

It’s important to fertilize your trees in the summer so that they have the proper tree nutrition that they need to survive our hot temps. This is one of the most popular summer tree services that we offer. If you need assistance with fertilizing your trees, we can apply our special blend of fertilizer which includes MitoGrow™ Pellet 3-IA sustained-release pellets.

  • In Mid to Late Summer, Tree Pruning Should Only Be Done for Tree Health Interventions and Tree Emergency Mitigation

Tree pruning is an important annual tree maintenance task. Most trees should be pruned in late spring or early summer to avoid tree fungal infections or tree infestations. But there are always exceptions to this rule.

Mid to late summer tree pruning may be necessary if you have a diseased tree, a tree with broken limbs, or a tree that has limbs that are falling. In these cases, the benefits of off-season tree pruning outweigh the risks, especially when broken or falling tree limbs pose a safety hazard on your property.

Tree pruning is a task to be performed by ISA-Certified Arborists like the ones we have on staff, who know how to properly prune trees so they grow healthily. If you need a tree intervention or have a potential tree emergency due to broken or fallen limbs, call us and we’ll send out our summer tree services team to your property.

  • Now’s the Time to Have Your Trees Inspected for Pest Infestations

While it’s true that most insects are safe for trees, the ones that can cause infestations certainly wreak havoc when they make your trees their homes.

Many pests that are dangerous to trees and can cause tree infestations thrive in the summer months, especially here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. If you see pests on your trees or telltale signs of tree infestation, such as uneven holes in your tree’s trunk, you should call our team of ISA-Certified Arborists. We can come to your property to inspect your trees for pest infestations.

And if an infestation is discovered, we can take appropriate measures to kill the pests and get your tree healthy again.

  • Make Sure Your Trees Are Ready for Texas’ Summer Storms

Thunderstorms and heavy winds can cause storm damage to trees – especially large ones. If you have a mature tree on your property, make sure to consult with us about how to best protect it from storm damage such as falling and broken limbs during the summer.

Oftentimes, tree-related storm damage can be prevented if you have your mature trees cabled, braced, or have weak limbs removed as a preventative measure.

We Offer Summer Tree Services to Dallas-Fort Worth Area Property Owners

Whether you’re a homeowner or you manage a commercial, public, or private property, our ISA-Certified Arborists can help you with your summer tree care needs. From advice about tree watering techniques to applying tree nutrition and everything in between, we’re here to take care of you and your trees.

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