9 Questions to Always Ask Before Buying a Tree from a Nursery

Date August 01, 2022

Author TreeNewal Staff

When it comes time to buy a tree, there are many things to consider. Buying a tree is a big decision – you want to make sure you are getting the right tree for your needs and environment, and that you are taking all of the necessary precautions before planting. Here at TreeNewal, we want to help make the process as easy as possible for our customers. That is why we have put together this list of 9 questions you should always ask before buying a tree from a nursery.

Questions to Ask About Trees Before Buying from a Nursery

What type of tree do I need?

Why you should ask: There are many different types of trees, and each one has specific needs in terms of soil, water, and sunlight. Buying the wrong type of tree can lead to tons of problems down the road.

How big will the tree get?

Why you should ask: You need to make sure the tree you are buying is the right size for the space you have available. Buying a tree that is too big can cause problems with overcrowding, and buying a tree that is too small may not provide the shade or privacy you are looking for.

What are the tree’s water requirements?

Why you should ask: Different trees have different water requirements. Some need to be watered frequently, while others can survive on very little water. Make sure you know how much water your tree will need before you buy it.

What is the best time of year to plant the tree?

Why you should ask: Planting trees at the wrong time of year can lead to problems with growth and development. Make sure you know when the best time to plant your tree is before you buy it.

How long will it take for the tree to mature?

Why you should ask: Depending on the type of tree, it can take anywhere from a few years to decades to reach maturity. Make sure you are prepared for the long-term commitment before you buy a tree.

What kind of maintenance does the tree require?

Why you should ask: All trees need some level of care and maintenance, but some trees require more than others. You will want to find a tree that meets your available level of care and attention. Make sure you know what kind of care your tree will need before you buy it.

What are the tree’s soil requirements?

Why you should ask: Some need well-drained soil, while others can tolerate wetter conditions. Keep in mind that clay soil is quite common in North Texas, but if you are not completely sure about your specific soil, a quick call to TreeNewal for some advice can help you get a definite answer.

What kind of sunlight does the tree need?

Why you should ask: Different species of trees need different amounts of sunlight. Your yard may be better suited to more or less sunlight needs.

What pests or diseases is the tree susceptible to?

Why you should ask: Some trees are more susceptible to pests and diseases than others, many of which can impact surrounding trees. At TreeNewal, we fully believe that an ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure, so starting off with all the details ahead of time is the best way to make the right decisions, especially when it comes to tree pest and disease risks.

Rely on TreeNewal Tree Care Specialists

Asking these questions will help you to narrow down your choices and find the perfect tree for your needs. And, of course, our team of TreeNewal tree care specialists are always here to answer any questions you may have about trees. Contact us today to learn more!

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