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Tree Cabling To Stabilize Trees

Trees don’t always grow upright. Trees can, over time, grow asymmetrically. Just like having bad posture for years would affect the way you stand, trees that continue to grow asymmetrically without expert tree care interventions can start to lean or even fall! Our tree experts stabilize trees that are growing asymmetrically by performing tree cabling. This helps redirect your tree’s growth and improve tree health. Tree cabling can also help prevent girdling, which occurs when a tree’s vines or roots grow around itself, endangering tree health by preventing the proper flow of nutrients throughout the tree.


About TreeNewal

At TreeNewal, we’ve been providing expert tree care to Dallas residents and property managers for 15 years. Our tree experts know all about tree health, how to stabilize trees through cabling, and how to provide other much-needed tree services all year long.

Our Tree Services

At TreeNewal, our tree experts provide Dallas homeowners and property managers with a wide variety of tree services. Our expert tree care offerings include:

Tree Cabling – We stabilize trees that are growing asymmetrically by performing tree cabling so that they won’t lean or fall.

Assessing Tree Nutrition – Dallas trees can become infected with fungal infections or infested by tree insects. Our tree experts can assess tree health, diagnose problems, and formulate a treatment plan.

Tree Health – Trees can become diseased with fungal infections or infested by tree insects. Our tree experts are trained to assess tree health, diagnose issues, and treat them so that your trees can be healthy once more.

Tree Pruning – Annual tree pruning protects tree health and helps keep trees looking great. Our tree experts can take care of this important tree service for you.

Tree Installation – Do you have new trees you want to be planted, or have trees you want to be transferred? Doing so requires you to have adequate knowledge of the tree species so the new tree is planted properly. We provide expert tree care when planting new trees and transferring existing ones, while also bringing your landscape design to life.

Tree Removal – We help remove trees all the time. Whether you have a tree that’s in the way of a property improvement project or is leaning or fallen, we can safely remove it for you.

Tree Emergency Response Team – Tree emergencies are real, and can easily happen after heavy winds or thunderstorms. Our tree experts can come to your site if you have a tree emergency to make sure the people and structures on your property are safe.

Why Choose Us

If you need tree cabling, you want to work with tree experts who you can trust to stabilize trees. We’ve been providing expert tree care and performing tree cabling in the Dallas area for 15 years. We have the experience and knowledge to perform tree cabling, stabilize trees, and ensure tree health.

Our Commitment To Quality

We aim to both offer expert tree care and excellent customer service. We want to become your trusted tree experts who you turn to for all your ongoing tree services needs.


If you need tree cabling to stabilize trees, you need the tree experts at TreeNewal. For expert tree care, call us today at 817-533-8438.

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