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Landscaping Is Essential

Landscaping is an essential part of the aesthetic curb appeal of each of our homes or businesses; trees are often the most valuable component of a landscape because of their size, beauty and the time it takes to reach their current state.


We know what your trees can mean to you and exactly how to ensure their future prosperity. North Texas has a unique climate and seasonal changes that are specific to the region which must be taken in to account. With 15+ years of landscaping experience in the DFW metroplex and a team that includes certified master arborists, you can be assured that your trees are receiving the expertise that will allow them to flourish. TreeNewal is a professional installer of a patented blended fertilizer with MitoGrow™ Pellet 3-IA product.

Our 3 Step Process for the Best Results

  1. Diagnose tree’s current health status (Good, Fair, Poor) and any more detrimental stressors on the tree (insect or fungal infestation)
  2. Use the proven TreeNewal calculator to find the amount of fertilizer product necessary, given the information from step 1. (Treatment for other detrimental stressors evaluated and addressed in this step)
  3. Using TreeNewal equipment and installation procedure, aerate the area within the tree’s drip line and install the TreeNewal fertilizer.

Highest Quality Products

This three-step process with the use of the TreeNewal blended fertilizer with MitoGrow™ Pellet 3-IA sustained released pellets are the roots of our company. Root aeration and the use of patented sustained release pellets that give the optimal level of an IBA hormone, amino acids and other pertinent nutrients that trees in North Texas need, are what stimulates root and fibrous root growth and what sets TreeNewal apart.