Giving Back

Our ongoing commitment to giving back for the good of the community is part of TreeNewal’s mission. Educating grade school children about the importance of trees, city community events, Clean Up a Neighbor’s Yard Day, community Tree Education Lunch and Learns, and donating tree care work for local churches are just some of the ways TreeNewal and our team support the local community.

Community Engagement

TreeNewal is a co-sponsor of the Town of Argyle’s Annual Argyle Arbor Days. The event includes educating the residents and addressing questions, and giving away trees.   

Working closely with the Robson Ranch community, TreeNewal provides Lunch and Learn events where tree education and tree sustainability are presented to the residents, as well as attending each Robson Ranch Garden Show as a vendor to educate and provide tree health demos for the attendees.

We are very proud and thoroughly enjoy the opportunities to teach young children about trees and their importance. One of our opportunities to do so was with the kindergarten class of The Clariden School in Southlake. The ‘Meet The Arborist’ event was a huge success and enjoyed by all!


TreeNewal partners with Texas A&M University and Stephen F. Austin State University

TreeNewal is proud to further educate and support the students of both universities in preparation for their successful careers in arboriculture and urban forest management by providing scholarships and internships at TreeNewal.

The TreeNewal Certified Arborist Arboriculture Fund offers scholarships benefiting The Department of Ecology and Conservation Biology at Texas A&M University and Stephen F. Austin State University’s Arthur Temple College of Forestry & Agriculture.

Within our internship program for students awarded a TreeNewal scholarship, students are provided with hands-on experience nurturing trees and plants and the opportunity to learn and develop tree service business skills.

TreeNewal Certified Arborist is dedicated to educating the next generation of urban foresters.

Learn more on the Texas A&M University students awarded TreeNewal scholarships.
Learn more on the Stephen F. Austin State University students awarded TreeNewal scholarships.

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