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Diseased Tree Services

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Diseased Tree Services

Sometimes trees are affected by a tree fungus or tree infestation. If this happens to one of your trees, you need our ISA-certified arborists, who help diseased trees. We act as tree doctors and assess your tree health and determine if your tree is suffering from a tree fungus or tree infestation. Next, we put together a diseased tree care plan, which may include pruning affected limbs to avoid further limb loss, soil enrichment, tree nourishment, and apply technical treatments. We’re here to help diseased trees.


About TreeNewal

The ISA-certified arborists of TreeNewal have been providing Flower Mound tree services for 15+ years. Our founder, Jorge, grew up with a father in the local landscape business. Jorge quickly developed a love for the North Texas outdoors and as an adult went on to study tree services to become an ISA-certified arborist. Today, we help diseased trees as well as offer ongoing tree services for your year-round needs.

Our Services

As ISA-certified arborists, we provide a full range of tree services to Flower Mound homeowners and property managers. Our Flower Mound tree services include:

  • Diseased Tree Services – Whether your tree is suffering from a tree fungus or a tree infestation, our tree doctors can help. We’ll assess your tree’s health and come up with a unique diseased tree care plan based on the specific issue your tree is facing.


  • Tree Maintenance – As part of annual tree maintenance, trees need proper nutrition. We can come up with a tree nourishment plan for you trees to make sure they have all the nutrients they need to thrive.


  • Tree Pruning – Trees need to be pruned every year, in the season that is specific to their species. We know all about local tree species and when they need to be pruned and can help you with this must-do task.


  • Tree Installation – In order for new or transferred trees to take root, they need to be planted to specific instructions based on their species. Don’t make planting or transferring trees a do-it-yourself task. Trust our ISA-certified arborists to get the job done right.


  • Tree Removal – Trees often need to be removed if they are dead, too diseased to save, have fallen, are leaning, or are in the path of home improvement or landscaping projects. We can help with tree cutting to safely and throughout remove trees from your property.


  • Tree Emergency Response Team – Heavy winds and tornadoes can cause storm damage that pose tree emergencies. If your tree is fallen, leaning, or broke after a storm, call our tree emergency response team for immediate help.

Why Choose Us

We have a track record of helping diseased trees in Flower Mound. If you have a tree fungus or tree infestation causing tree disease, let us help you save your tree.

Our Commitment to Quality

We want to treat your diseased tree while also providing excellent customer service. While saving your tree is important to us, we also have the goal of earning your trust so you come to us in the future with all your annual tree care needs.

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