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DFW Tree Care Specialists

Southlake homeowners and commercial properties need a trusted partner to provide vital tree services to help maintain tree health and keep their trees looking great. At TreeNewal, our ISA Certified Arborists are the perfect people for this job. We’ve been DFW tree care specialists for 15 years. We know the North Texas landscape extremely well and can help you with all your tree maintenance needs.


About TreeNewal

At TreeNewal, we do everything possible to make sure your trees are healthy trees. We love Southlake and the people who live here. We also love being outdoors and enjoying our beautiful landscape. As DFW tree care specialists, we provide important tree services that help preserve tree health and ensure your trees look great.

Our Tree Services

We’re a full-service tree care company for Southlake homeowners and commercial properties. Our tree services include:

Tree Nutrition – All trees need proper nutrition so they can be healthy trees. We love the help with this tree care need. Our ISA Certified Arborists create their own special blend of fertilizer that they apply to Southlake trees. Our DFW tree care specialists can also perform root aeration to increase oxygen flow to your trees.

Tree Health Assessments – We wish all trees could be healthy trees, but we know that’s not the case. If you suspect you have a tree with a tree disease or a pest infestation, call us to perform a tree health assessment. We’ll inspect your tree and discover the root cause of the problem. From there, we’ll create a tree care plan to nurse your diseased or infested tree back to health.

Tree Trimming – While tree trimming gives your trees a great shape, this tree maintenance task is about more than aesthetics. Tree trimming should be performed every year to remove broken or dead limbs and promote proper tree health and tree growth.

Tree Removal – Do you have a storm-damaged or fallen tree? Do you have a tree that’s in the way of a property improvement project? Whatever the case, we can remove your tree for you, and provide stump removal, too.

Emergency Tree Services – In addition to tree maintenance tasks, our DFW tree care specialists respond to local tree emergencies. If you have a damaged or fallen tree after heavy winds or a lightning strike, call us so we can stabilize the situation on your property.

Why Choose Us

When you’re looking for a team to perform tree maintenance on your property, you want experts and professionals. That’s exactly who our ISA Certified Arborists are. With specialized training in performing tree services, our DFW tree care specialists are ready to help you with all your tree maintenance needs.

Our Commitment To Quality

We believe in providing great tree care and excellent customer service. We want to earn your trust and become your go-to tree maintenance team for all your future tree services needs.


If you need tree services in Southlake, you need our DFW tree care specialists. Call TreeNewal today for tree maintenance help at 817-533-8438

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