Common Tree Pests and Diseases in North Texas

Date April 30, 2020


Author TreeNewal Staff

Trees are large plants, but they are very susceptible to pests and diseases when under tremendous stress. With many people having a basic understanding of trees and how to promote positive tree health, these maladies can become problematic quite quickly.

To become a responsible property owner, you have to familiarize yourself with the common tree pests and diseases in your region. Doing so will help you identify them during their initial growth stages and mitigate the issue.

The North Texas region is distinct compared to other areas. In order to help you safeguard your trees from both pests and diseases in the area, continue reading to learn more about the pests and diseases native to the North Texas region.

Standard Pests in the North Texas Region

Pests are defined as any insect or animal that disrupts the natural growth of plant life. Common pests include ladybugs, gnats, and mealybugs. Typically, pests engage in parasitic behaviors with plant life that involves them gaining sustenance at the expense and death of the plant.

When the plant dies, the pest moves on to another host. There are specific pests native to the North Texas region that includes:

  • Fall Webworms
  • Twig Girdling Beetles
  • Oak Gall Insects
  • Leaf-Cutting Bees
  • Giant Bark Aphids
  • Elf Leaf Beetles
  • Barklice
  • Soapberry Borers

These pests can wreak serious havoc on trees in your lawn. By hiring an ISA-Certified Arborist, you can quickly identify these pests, eliminate them, and protect your trees from any future damage.

Standard Diseases in the North Texas Region

Certain environmental conditions can weaken trees, making them vulnerable to diseases. It may seem ironic that a large tree can be killed by an otherwise small infection.

Fortunately, many trees can be saved in the initial stages of fungal growth. Though, certain fungi are deadly and cause irreparable damage. These trees cannot be saved. The North Texas region is home to distinct fungi and diseases known as:

  • Oak Wilt
  • Hypoxylon Canker
  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch
  • Oak Decline
  • Fusiform Rust
  • Mealy Oak Gall

A skilled Arborist is always able to identify these diseases. If you hire one today, you can take the necessary steps of preventing these diseases from forming and causing irreversible damage.

What Causes The Accumulation of Pests and Diseases?

Pests and diseases are common places, but under certain conditions, trees can become more vulnerable. Trees that are regularly pruned and cut develop entryways for these maladies to become problematic.

Also, trees that aren’t properly fertilized lack the strength to fight these maladies. As you would water your garden, eliminate the presence of pests, and use a mulch to fight disease, you should do the same with your trees.

You can’t expect trees to fend for themselves on your property. They have to be properly taken care of and conditioned to survive in any environment.

How to Prevent the Spread of Pests and Diseases

The best solution to preventing the spread of pests and diseases is by contacting an Arborist. Arborists have knowledge of identifying these maladies and providing ideal treatment.

Contacting an Arborist is also great for removing infected trees from your property. Infected trees can spread spores to surrounding trees. Over time, these trees will die and pose a safety risk to any surrounding property and people.

Arborists are skilled in tree-risk management, which means they will be able to locate infected trees and determine the best course of action.

How to Find a Qualified Arborist?

Finding a qualified Arborist isn’t difficult if you know where to look. You should only hire an Arborist with an ISA certification. This means that they have taken and successfully passed a standardized test that proves mastery of essential horticultural tasks.

Also, you should see how long an Arborist has been in business. Even with an ISA certification, inexperienced Arborists will often lack the ability to make sound judgments and accurate decisions on how to move forward with treatment solutions.

Certified Arborists with numerous years of experience have the expertise to truly eliminate the presence of tree pests and diseases in your area. The Arborists at TreeNewal are all ISA certified, possessing a combination of decades on the job.

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