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Dallas Arborists Services

At TreeNewal, our Dallas arborists are tree experts who provide a number of tree maintenance and tree care services. From assessing tree health and treating diseased or pest infected trees, to performing seasonal or emergency tree pruning, and providing your trees with proper tree nutrition, our tree experts offer a variety of professional tree services.


About TreeNewal

At TreeNewal, we’re Dallas arborists who have a passion for our local landscape. Unlike other tree services companies that don’t have arborists on staff, our ISA-certified arborists are tree experts who have specialized training in tree care and maintaining tree health. When you choose us for arborist services, you can rest assured that you’re working with tree experts who have 15+ years of experience providing tree care and tree services to trees right here in Dallas.

Our Services

Our Dallas arborists are tree experts who provide a wide variety of arborist services. We offer the following tree services:

  • Tree Pruning – All trees need to be pruned, typically in late spring or early summer, in order for them to ensure tree health and keep them looking beautiful. Sometimes off-season tree trimming is necessary, especially if you have dead, diseased, or broken tree limbs. Whatever your tree pruning needs, our Dallas arborists can help.
  • Tree Nutrition– Trees need to be fertilized every year so that they retain moisture and you’re able to provide weed control. At TreeNewal, we can aerate roots on unhealthy trees so they get more oxygen, and apply our special blend of fertilizer on both unhealthy and healthy trees.
  • Tree Installation – You need a tree expert to plant new trees or transfer an existing one. This is because planting instructions vary based on the tree species. If you need tree installation services, our Dallas arborists can help.
  • Tree Removal – Do you need a tree removed because it’s dead, leaning, or in the way of a property improvement project? If so, we can provide these tree services. We can safely and thoroughly perform tree cutting to remove unwanted or unhealthy trees.
  • Tree Doctors – As tree experts and doctors, we assess tree health. If we see a tree infestation or a tree disease, we spring into action to restore your tree’s health.
  • Tree Emergency Response Team – Tree emergencies are common after thunderstorms and heavy winds. If you have a tree that’s been damaged in a storm or has otherwise fallen or is posing a risk to the people or structures on your property, our tree emergency response team can help.

Why Choose Us

As Dallas arborists and tree experts, we’re passionate about the people and trees in our city. We provide arborist services because we love our outdoor landscape, and we want to help you maintain tree health for years to come. Whichever one of our tree services you need help with, we’re here for you.

Our Commitment To Quality

At TreeNewal, we’re committed to providing you with both exceptional tree care and customer service. We want to form a relationship with you so we can be yaour trusted tree experts for any future tree services needs you may have.


If you need arborist services in Dallas, call our tree experts and TreeNewal. You can reach us at 817-533-8438.

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