October Landscape and Garden Tips

Date October 21, 2021


Author TreeNewal Staff

October is one of the most beautiful times as leaves change color and trees prepare for the harsh winter to come. While the foliage is simply mesmerizing, homeowners and landscapers should not forget that it is critical to implement the right tree and garden plant care plan.

If you are unsure how to keep your landscape healthy and prepare the garden for winter, a certified arborist, like TreeNewal, can manage the situation. Even so, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the critical features of October landscape maintenance. Here’s what you need to know.

Be vigilant to signs of damage

Adverse weather conditions can cause an array of problems. First and foremost, the changing Texas climate will put your trees and plant life at risk of various issues. Spotting the difference between natural yellowing of leaves and iron deficiency in trees, for example, will be critical. Likewise, understanding whether mushrooms at the base of a tree are a dangerous sign will serve you well.

Quick identification and action will give you the best shot at protecting the garden and avoiding large-scale damage when problems surface. Whether hiring a professional or not, delaying your response is never the solution.

It’s a great time to plant trees

After the initial fall foliage, the winter is unlikely to provide awe-inspiring landscapes (although the snow can make gardens look magical). Still, it is a great time to look ahead by planting new trees. Piru Queen Palms, Crape Myrtles, and Majestic Ash trees are great options for late fall planting. Doing this now gives them an extra season to start their growth, which will make them far more robust for the spring and next year’s harsh summer droughts.

The cooler temperatures are particularly supportive of the tree roots. However, it is essential to avoid planting trees once the first frost has arrived. Generally speaking, if the leaves are still present on deciduous trees in your area, you can plant new trees.

Fall tree trimming is essential

As the leaves fall, you may fall into the trap of assuming that the trees can be left untouched. However, still, pay attention to the branches. A professional tree trimmer or pruning service may be the best solution, especially when you have large trees. It is possible to take on the trimming duties, but we recommend consulting an ISA Certifed Arborist prior.

Most importantly, it would help if you avoided tree topping as this causes severe damage to the tree regardless of when you complete the process. As well as cutting back unnecessary branches, it is essential to remove fruit tree suckers.

Fertilization is key

One of the big questions when building your October landscape strategy is “which parts of the garden need fertilization?”. The short answer is “all of it.” Trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers can all benefit from fall fertilization as this will provide the tree nutrition to create a solid foundation for the cold winter months. In turn, roots will be stronger once the spring arrives, saving you from costly and time-consuming garden care next year.

Meanwhile, many people are guilty of overlooking the need to implement solid fall lawn fertilization strategies. Success will be assured when the right products are used 2-3 weeks before the first frost, along with mowing and mulching.

Now is the time for reseeding

If the fallout of the dry summer season has harmed your lawn, you will need to consider reseeding. This must be done before the winter. The good news is that you will probably need to reseed small areas where weeds played havoc in the summer, or the grass became thin due to your family lifestyle. If you have fertilized the space correctly, you should find that reseeding at this time will leave you with a complete and lush lawn next spring.

As far as garden tips are concerned, hiring a professional like TreeNewal is the best solution if you are unsure what to do. By limiting the reseeding to the areas that need it, you’ll save money and hassle in the long run.

Decluttering is essential

Any high-quality certified arborist tree service company will confirm that maintaining a favorable October landscape relies heavily on your habits. Fallen leaves, for example, could stop the lawn from gaining sunlight while also attracting pests. It is another reason to consider mulching ahead of your fall fertilization process. Alternatively, if raking leaves, you must dispose of them ASAP. This must extend to keeping gutters clean.

Given that you are unlikely to use the following items, it is probably wise to put garden tables and chairs in storage as a part of the fall strategy. Once you’ve finished with the lawnmower for the year, it should be cleaned and stored too.

Watering and weeding are still needed

Watering schedules need to reflect the climate at any given time of the year. So, as the weather in Texas changes during October, your watering habits must too. The soil will retain moisture for longer, meaning less frequent watering is needed, whether you use a timed sprinkler or a manual approach. Low and moderate trees can be watered once every ten days, while tropicals can be watered once per week.

Removing weeds from the garden in October is highly advised, as they will continue to drop seedlings for a few weeks if you don’t. Once they are gone, you are unlikely to see any more weeds throughout the winter month due to a lack of plantlife growth.

Don’t take on more than you can handle

As a garden enthusiast, you probably find most summer maintenance is relatively easy. However, keeping your tree landscape in good health in the fall ahead of the winter period is a lot harder. Even with the right garden tips at your disposal, you may need a professional tree pruning service or extra help with landscaping around trees. TreeNewal is a certified arborist company that provides a comprehensive range of residential and commercial services.

Crucially, our tree care specialists work with you to build a better October landscape that will stay healthy and happy throughout the brutal winter months and into the warmer season. Call our experts to learn more about the relevant landscaping services today.


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