Take Good Care of Trees This Fall

Date September 28, 2021


Author TreeNewal Staff

If you’re new to tree planting and tree care, you may have assumed that the spring and summer were your best opportunity to implement the proper tree health management. In reality, the fall season is the optimal moment to take your approach to tree, and shrubs care to new heights – whether it’s with the help of TreeNewal professional tree care experts or not.

Winter is coming and, despite the common misconception, it is a crucial time for growth as food reserves are collected ahead of the next growing season. However, inadequate fall tee care will come back to haunt you during the colder months. Here are the key steps to lead you to a better fall tree care strategy to yield quick and lasting results.

Conduct Research That’s Relevant To Your Tree Care Needs

There are two main areas to consider when looking at your tree care needs; the selection of trees you have or will be planting and the impact of your surroundings. Dallas is in region 8a of the hardiness zone map, influencing the list of most suitable trees. Thankfully, it does leave you open to choosing some beautiful cultivars like the October Glory Maple Tree.

Whether you are about to start the tree planting process or you’re taking stock of your current trees, it’s vital to list all trees and shrubs, along with the potential problems that they could face. From fungi damage to over-saturated soil or iron deficiency, you must be aware of the issues. An ISA-certified arborist, like TreeNewal, can quickly identify these symptoms. When calling professional tree disease management specialists, they must have the skills, tools, accreditations, and experience to give you 100% confidence. Together you can build the perfect fall tree care plan.

Learn To Mulch

Whether planting trees or taking care of existing plants, learning to mulch is vital. The exact mulch solution used will be determined by the tree species found in your garden. The size of the trees in question will influence how close you can go with the mulch. For smaller trees, mulch can head up to the dripline. You may need to settle for a little further away for larger trees because touching the roots or the stem can cause significant damage. In the worst cases, it can even cause trees to die.

The layer of mulch should be around 6” deep and use organic matter, while a diameter of around 8’ is suitable for most trees. While mulching is essential, you will find that fertilizing trees during the fall season isn’t necessary unless you have a known problem with the soil. This is something TreeNewal’s ISA-certified arborists can run full diagnostics when symptoms of iron chlorosis or other issues surface. If fertilizers are needed, our tree care experts can find the perfect product for your damaged trees.

Planting New Trees In Fall

Fall is shown to be the perfect time for tree planting activities as it avoids the extreme temperatures of both summer and winter, meaning fewer precautions are required. It also gives trees a headstart ahead of the spring season and allows them to soak up the valuable nutrients throughout the winter period. This creates excellent conditions for root growth during the tree’s infancy, even after the winter frost has arrived.

Young trees that have yet to develop a protective bark must also be suitably protected. Damage caused by critters can cause severe problems for young trees. Tree tubes and tree guards can be used to provide the extra layer of protection, which is something TreeNewal can provide as part of a fall tree health management strategy. Aeration is an essential attribute for promoting healthy tree growth even when working with mature trees. Compacted soils and heavily saturated soils will benefit significantly from this process. After all, healthy soil is the foundation for healthy tree roots and growth.

Watering and Pruning For Fall Tree Care

Growing trees is a long-term process. After all, many species will live for centuries. Therefore, a newly established tree is any tree in its first decade of life. If the fall period doesn’t yield heavy rainfall, it will be necessary to water the plants. However, many species won’t grow in standing water, so you must avoid oversaturation of the soil. Otherwise, your good intentions could cause more damage than good. Finding the right balance is vital.

The fall period is the perfect time to implement careful pruning of existing trees and shrubs. Whether using a tree care specialist or taking on the task yourself, cutting back damaged branches to create lateral branches will serve you well. Aside from keeping your trees and shrubs in an esthetically pleasing shape, careful pruning will promote healthier trees. You will also want to remove any deadwood but must do this with precise cuts to avoid unnecessary exposure.

Repurposing Fallen Leaves

Seeing the leaves change color and shed is one of the most iconic parts of the fall period. While most homeowners will rake and collect leaves, many will dispose of them without ever making good use of them. Recycling leaves and debris can make all the difference, transforming a good fall tree care strategy into a great one. They can, for example, be used to create new mulching to support the living soils. It can help reduce the ongoing maintenance costs, bring a layer of added convenience, and protect the health of your trees for the long haul.

Get Help From Professional Tree Care Experts

Whether you’re planting trees for the first time or upgrading your landscapes ahead of the new year, gaining support from a tree care specialist is highly recommended. TreeNewal is a dedicated team of ISA-certified arborists who will help you with every aspect of fall tree care, ranging from tree planting in fall to pruning, tree disease management, and more. Take the first steps to better fall tree care in Dallas by arranging a consultation today!

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