The Best Way to Fertilize Your Trees

Date April 14, 2020


Author TreeNewal Staff

Trees, just like any living organism, need essential nutrients and vitamins to grow and thrive. While many trees are able to rely on their environment for subsistence, ideal environmental conditions don’t always exist.

In fact, you may need to accommodate trees that may not have optimal growing conditions. In which case, fertilization is your best option for encouraging strong tree growth.

Stronger trees not only look better, but they also grow larger and are more resistant to pests and fungi. Fertilizing your trees is a straightforward process if you know what you’re doing.

This guide will highlight effective methods for keeping your trees healthy all throughout the year.

What is Fertilization?

A fertilizer is a natural substance or chemical created to treat land or soil and increase its fertility. Left to its own merit, trees, plants, and shrubs have limited growth potential. Like the vitamins humans take, fertilizer enhances the growth of these plants.

There exist natural fertilizers, such as cow manure, and man-made fertilizers. Selecting the best fertilizer depends on the type of trees you have and its specific needs.

Why Should I Fertilize My Tree?

While many people have heard of tree fertilizer and don’t doubt it’s importance, some believe it’s an optional part of maintaining healthy tree growth. In sum, fertilizer helps trees stay vigorous and healthy.

If you don’t fertilize your trees, you’re opening up the possibility of viral infections from deadly fungi and pest infestations. Strong trees can withstand these maladies, which can save you money in the long run for tree removal services.

There are also other benefits of using a tree fertilizer, which include:

  • Fertilizers stimulate positive tree growth.
  • Fertilizers improve the color and appearance of trees.
  • Fertilizers reduce the appearance of dead branches.
  • Fertilizers keep trees strong to withstand all maladies.
  • Fertilizers reduce the appearance of dead limbs and branches, which can be hazardous to your property.

While fertilizing your trees has an abundance of advantages for your property, performing the process properly is paramount. Below is vital information you should follow to keep your trees strong and healthy.

Does My Tree Need to Be Fertilized?

Yes, if you are growing trees on your property, they need to be fertilized. In forests and other nutrient-rich habitats, trees typically have all of the subsistence they need to thrive. However, this isn’t the case for your property.

When you are getting rid of leaves, fallen bark, and even dead animals, you’re unknowingly removing sources of nutrients from the soil. This can affect the growth of trees on your property.

Moreover, the grass on your property is unnatural and oftentimes compete with your trees for surrounding water and nutrients. This is why it’s important to fertilize trees with a slow-release fertilizer to provide the nutrients they are missing from their surroundings.

There are many signs you can look at to notice if your trees are lacking essential nutrients. If you see the following signs, then you should begin fertilizing your trees as soon as possible.

  • Undersized, sickly leaves
  • Short and unnatural twigs
  • Dead branches and tips
  • Dark leaf veins
  • Discolored leaves (yellow, purple, etc)


When is The Perfect Time to Fertilize Trees?

Knowing the ideal time to fertilize your trees depends on their species. Additionally, applying fertilizer during particular seasons contain their own specific benefits. For example, here are the benefits of fertilizing trees in the fall.

  • Promotes strong root growth throughout the winter months, as long as the soil doesn’t become frozen.
  • Helps the soil recover lost nutrients from the summer months.

Likewise, here are the benefits of fertilizing trees in the spring.

  • Provides support for new growth during the new growing season.
  • Creates healthy, green tree leaves that can thrive until the fall.
  • Supplies essential nutrients to help trees fight off fungi and pests.

Depending on the trees you’re growing, you’ll have to create a custom itinerary for fertilizing them. Consulting with your local Arborist is a great way of making this determination accurately.

How to Select the Right Fertilizer for Your Trees?

At TreeNewal, we use a special MitoGrow fertilizer solution. This solution is designed explicitly to promote positive tree growth throughout the entire year. However, fertilizer doesn’t alone keep your trees healthy.

Our fertilization process entails root aeration, which ensures that the fertilizer is being planted deep within your tree’s roots. Our special fertilizer blend can enhance the growth of your trees to your taste.

Fertilize Your Trees Today!

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