Manage Trees With Sustainability In Mind

Date May 18, 2021

Author TreeNewal Staff

When thinking about tree care and management, it’s more important than ever to do so with sustainability in mind. Forested land outside of conservation areas is steadily decreasing year after year, which should give all of us reason to pause. There has been an alarming reduction in primary forests. And although the amount of forested land within protected areas has increased, it now accounts for 13 percent of total forests globally. Below are some things that TreeNewal believes are important to consider when thinking about managing our urban forests in North Texas.

What’s suitable for trees is good for humans.

One of the many benefits of trees is that they are suitable for the environment. How? Photosynthesis. Ah, are we bringing you back to biology class? Real quick: During photosynthesis, trees absorb carbon dioxide and water from the air and soil. They transform the water into oxygen, which they release back into the air, and they turn carbon dioxide into glucose molecules, which they use to store energy. So this is a win-win for the environment. More oxygen. Less carbon dioxide. This powerful combination helps mitigate the negative effects of burning fossil fuels, which produces an outsized share of carbon dioxide emissions. We can do our small part to help our communities and our world by managing our urban forests well.

And trees are good for our cities, too!

Where to begin with all the ways trees benefit our cities? They provide shade and beautify our neighborhoods, increasing the monetary values of our homes and making us more likely to spend time outdoors. They even provide specific health benefits! Spending time in our urban forests can have a calming effect that’s good for our psyche because being around trees evokes feelings of peace, restfulness, and tranquility. Trees also offer a lot of environmental safety by absorbing or deflecting harsh sun rays and moderating the heat-island effect made by pavement and buildings in urban settings. Plus, trees, shrubs, and other plants improve the air quality and absorb pollutants, making our neighborhoods an all-around better place to live. With all these benefits in mind, how can we not want to do whatever is necessary to protect our urban forests? To do that, Dallas-Fort Worth must ensure tree sustainability by providing that the rate of tree planting is keeping pace with tree mortality and removal.

How to handle tree sustainability in North Texas

There are many things residential homeowners, commercial property owners, and government agencies can do to improve tree sustainability in Dallas-Fort Worth. It starts with working with ISA Certified Arborists like the ones we employ at TreeNewal. Here’s are some examples of ways certified arborists and other tree care professionals can improve urban forest sustainability:

  • Certified arborists help by monitoring our trees. Trees should be regularly checked, not just for health but also for potential marketability. When a forest needs to be thinned out, the best option is to manage the waste by turning the harvested wood into an asset that can be sold for fuel or other purposes.
  • They can optimize the health of existing trees. There are many ways to help the trees we already have live longer, healthier lives. Arborists can make sure these tasks — such as tree trimming and pruning, soil conditioning, and other essential tree health care practices — are performed routinely and adequately.
  • They can help with forest thinning and safe tree removal when necessary. Forests need to be periodically thinned to avoid overcrowding. This allows for better tree growth amongst the existing trees. However, removing trees and branches can be a dangerous task and should be left to professionals trained in tree, trunk, and branch removal. Having the proper knowledge, experience, and tools in these situations can be life-saving.
  • They can manage the planting of new trees in a sustainable fashion. Urban forest planners should always work with certified arborists to make sure they’re planting new trees in a way that improves, rather than harms, long-term sustainability.
  • They can provide consultations to local homeowners, property owners, and business owners. Arborists care about trees in all settings and want to help urban forests thrive to the best of their ability.
  • They can recommend eco-friendly tree care practices, such as using native trees that require less maintenance. Many trees in Texas, for example, Red Oak trees, don’t require as much water during periods of drought, so making sure Oaktree’s watering needs are met is much easier to handle on a large scale.

TreeNewal is committed to helping our trees and forests thrive.

At TreeNewal, we’re firm believers in the many benefits of trees. As of 2020, TreeNewal donated 15,490 trees to be planted through the National Forest Foundation as a part of their campaign to plant 50 million trees. You can also get involved in local or national tree-planting projects through organizations like the National Forest Foundation, Texas Trees Foundation, or any other local organizations that support tree planting and ongoing sustainability efforts.

If you’re thinking about planting a tree on your property and have questions or concerns, the TreeNewal team is here to help. We work with Dallas-Fort Worth residents, commercial property owners, and government agencies to care for the many trees in our community. We’re passionate about the tree care services we provide and the work we do to make our world a better place.

When you need expert advice, our ISA Certified Arborists are available to visit your property to assess your trees or shrubs and make recommendations for improving their health. TreeNewal is a certified arborist tree service with multiple certified arborists on staff and a team of highly qualified tree care experts. If you need professional tree care, our tree doctors in Dallas are the best in the business. We care about tree health care at all stages of the tree life cycle. We are experts on both young and mature trees, and we offer a variety of expert tree care services, such as tree planting, tree pruning, disease, pest control, root aeration, tree trimming, and tree removal. For more information, go to our website at To set up an appointment, call us at tel:(817) 592-6846.

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