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We are TreeNewal and we provide the Fort Worth community with a wide variety of tree services. By performing tree maintenance tasks like tree nutrition, tree health assessments, and tree trimming, our goal is to make sure your trees are healthy trees. If you’re looking for trusted DFW tree care specialists for your tree maintenance needs, you need to call our ISA certified arborists.


About TreeNewal

At TreeNewal, we’re more than DFW tree care specialists who strive to ensure your trees are healthy trees. Our team is staffed with ISA certified arborists. This means our staff has specialized education and training in providing tree services. Additionally, we’ve been performing tree maintenance in Fort Worth for 15 years. We know our area and the trees that grow here very well. We’ve been helping your neighbors for years, and we can help you with your tree maintenance needs, too.

Our Tree Services

We are proud to offer the Fort Worth community with a wide variety of tree maintenance needs. As DFW tree care specialists, we can help you with:

Tree Nutrition – All trees need to be properly nourished every year so they grow and thrive. Our ISA certified arborists have the perfect solution to make sure your trees are healthy trees. We make and apply our own special blend of tree fertilizer. We also perform root aeration to increase oxygen flow to trees.

Tree Health Assessments – We want your trees to be healthy trees. However, we know that sometimes trees can become diseased with fungal infections or infested with pests. Our ISA certified arborists are specially trained to assess tree health and create a tree care plan for unhealthy trees.

Tree Trimming – It’s important to have your trees professionally trimmed every year. Tree trimming helps with tree health and also keeps your trees looking great. We perform in season tree trimming to make sure your trees are safe from tree disease, which can occur if you DIY tree trimming outside of the proper season.

Tree Removal – Sometimes trees need to be removed. Whether you have storm-damaged trees, fallen trees, or trees that are in the way of property improvement projects, we can help by removing trees. We can also perform stump removal, too.

Emergency Tree Services – Tree emergencies are commonplace after Fort Worth storms. Heavy winds and lightning strikes can cause trees to become storm-damaged or fall. If you have a tree emergency, our ISA certified arborists can come to your property to stabilize the situation.

Why Choose Us

At TreeNewal, we’re more than DFW tree care specialists. We are ISA certified arborists with special training in providing tree services and tree maintenance tasks. We’ve been caring for trees in Fort Worth for 15 years, and we can help you with your tree care needs, too.

Our Commitment To Quality

We believe that a job worth doing is a job worth doing well. Our promise to you is to provide you with both excellent tree maintenance and customer service. We want to become your trusted DFW tree care specialist for yall your tree service needs.


If you need tree care in Fort Worth, you need the DFW tree care specialists at TreeNewal. Call our ISA certified arborists today at 817-533-8438


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