Best Shade Trees for Texas

Date June 09, 2020


Author TreeNewal Staff

There’s nothing like relaxing underneath a shady tree on a hot Texas summer day with a glass of ice-cold sweet tea! Just thinking of it conjures up an image of a nice, quiet afternoon outdoors. If you love shady trees, but don’t yet have any, we can help you pick the best shady tree for your home or the property you manage.

To help you decide, we’ve prepared this list of 10 of the best shade trees for Texas homeowners and property managers. Peruse the list and find a tree that you love. Then, contact us to have an ISA certified Arborist assist you with tree installation, and prepare a tree maintenance plan for you including regular tree trimming.

  1. Live Oak
    There’s just something so beautiful about a Live Oak tree. These majestic beauties, which can live for hundreds of years are best planted in large spaces where they and their root systems will have room to grow – far away from structures, driveways, or sidewalks.
  2. Shumard Red Oak
    Native Shummard Red Oaks can grow to be 50 feet tall. But don’t let the labeling on trees at big box home improvement stores fool you. Many home improvement stores will mislabel pin oaks and other related species as Shummards. To guarantee you’re getting the real deal, you need Arborist services for proper tree procurement and tree installation.

  3. Chinquapin Oak
    While this native tree isn’t as common in North Texas, it definitely deserves to be planted more frequently. The Chinquapin Oak produces a deep summer green color that will make your property shine. While the fall color is less desirable, the shade and looks you’ll get from this tree in the summer make it all worthwhile.
  4. Bur Oak
    Bur Oak trees grow to be about 50 to 60 feet tall and have HUGE leaves and acorns. If you were to grab an average-sized leaf off this tree, it would be far bigger than a typically-sized person’s hands. It’s also a fast-growing shade tree, so if you’re looking to add shade to your home or property quickly, this tree is definitely one to consider.

  5. Cedar Elm
    These trees, which are native to North Texas, are both beautiful and shady. They have small deep green leaves that turn to a yellow color in the fall. The trees themselves grow to be 50 feet tall and 40 feet wide. They’re a great native choice for your North Texas home or commercial or public property.
  6. Pecan
    Texas’ official state tree offers Texans many benefits. First, it’s a nice shady tree that you’ll enjoy relaxing under. Second, it’s an aesthetically appealing tree that’ll add curb appeal to your home or property. And finally, they produce high-quality pecans for you to harvest for your Thanksgiving pecan pie! Really, the question is why wouldn’t you choose to have an ISA Certified Arborist plant a pecan tree at your home or property?
  7. Chinese Pistachio
    While Chinese Pistachio trees aren’t native to North Texas, they do grow quite well here. They’re big, at about 50 feet tall and wide, and produce a nice green color in summer and bright red color in the fall. They’re definitely a tree to consider when selecting trees for shade on your property.
  8. Southern Magnolia
    This Southern favorite grows to about 60 feet tall and 50 feet wide. It’s an evergreen that blooms beautiful white flowers every May. Southern Magnolias provide very dense shade, but it may take several years for it to give you the shade coverage that you desire.
  9. Water Oak
    These trees grow to be about 50 feet tall and 45 feet wide. They’re actually native to East Texas, but have been adapted to grow from areas of I-45 and eastward. If you live in their growing zone, they’re beautiful trees to consider for shade and they hold their leaves almost all winter long.
  10. Willow Oak
    Also native to East Texas, these trees grow best in acidic soil, which makes using Arborist services to determine if the tree will flourish on your property of the utmost importance. They’re similar to Water Oak trees, save for their willow-like leaves.

Let Us Help You Decide

If you can’t pick from one of these beauties, we can help you out. By understanding how quickly you want your trees to be producing shade, how long you’d like them to be on your property, and any aesthetic preferences, we can help you find a tree you’ll love to sit underneath for years to come.

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