6 Ways Urban Trees Make You More Active Outdoors

Date March 23, 2021

Author TreeNewal Staff

There are many benefits to trees in urban settings, and one of them is that they help you and your neighbors get outside and become more active. How? We’re glad you asked! Below are six ways urban trees make you more active outdoors.

No. 1: They offer us shade

When you live in Texas, one of the most important reasons for planting a tree is to enjoy its shade during a hot, sunny day. Lucky for us, there are plenty of shade trees in Texas that thrive in our climate. Not only are people who live in the city more likely to go outside when there is tree shade available, but an abundance of trees also draws more people into the city.

No. 2: Trees add untold beauty to our community

How many paintings and photographs have you seen of trees? Probably more than you can count. Trees have been inspiring humans forever, beautifying landscapes and capturing our imaginations. Trees come in all shapes and sizes. While some trees impress us with their large and stately forms, others inspire us with their small, delicate frames or their enchanting spring blooms. Whatever the tree, they add so much color and beauty to our worlds and consistently draw us out of our homes with their presence. It’s no wonder that trees increase the property value of our houses and neighborhoods.

No. 3: Trees provide proven health benefits

The human response to trees is far more than just observational. Trees evoke feelings of peace, restfulness, and tranquility. Our urban forests have a calming effect that’s good for our psyche. If you’re feeling stressed, one of the best things you can do for your mental health is to go outside and relax, play, or exercise in a local greenspace. Spending time in the presence of outdoor trees has even been known to reduce people’s recovery time after surgery. All the more reason to seek the great outdoors!

No. 4: They make walking trails more enjoyable

All these previously mentioned benefits together — shade, beauty, and countless health benefits — are the perfect excuse to walk, run, or bike your local trails. There are several shaded trails in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. No matter the speed at which you take them, being on the trails and outdoors among the green trees is good for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

No. 5: They encourage us to socialize

Local parks and urban forests have always offered us a sanctuary for meeting with our neighbors, friends, and family, which has proven to be even more true during the Covid pandemic. When we needed outdoor meeting spaces more than ever, we discovered that trees had been graciously waiting for us this whole time. But even before Covid, studies have shown that there is a direct link between trees and socializing. When there is tree cover available, people are more likely to go outside, spend more time outside, and be more likely to have stronger relationships with their neighbors.

No. 6: Trees make our neighborhoods safer

Did you know that studies show that apartments with plenty of green spaces have reduced crime rates compared to nearby apartments with no trees? Yep! The psychological effects of trees that we mentioned earlier are working hard to make your neighborhoods a safer place to hang out out-of-doors. Trees also offer a lot of environmental safety by absorbing or deflecting harsh sun rays and moderating the heat-island effect made by pavement and buildings in urban settings. Plus, trees, shrubs, and other plants improve the air quality, making our neighborhoods an all-around better place to live.

Beyond the observational. Taking care of our urban forests.

At TreeNewal, we’re firm believers in the many benefits of trees. As of 2020, TreeNewal donated 15,490 trees to be planted through the National Forest Foundation as a part of their campaign to plant 50 million trees.

You can also get involved in local or national tree-planting projects through organizations like the National Forest Foundation or Texas organizations that support tree planting and ongoing tree care efforts.

If you’re thinking about planting a tree on your property and have questions or concerns, the TreeNewal team is here to help. We work with Dallas-Fort Worth residents, commercial property owners, and government agencies to care for the many trees in our community. We’re passionate about the work we do to make our world a better place.

We have ISA Certified Arborists on staff and a team of highly qualified tree care professionals. We have the knowledge and tools to help with every step of the process. We can assess your property to help you determine the best location for planting a new tree or shrub. We can recommend some wonderful shade trees for Texas soil and climate. We can also assist with setting up a tree care maintenance plan that involves things like routine pruning or trimming, tree watering, and soil conditioning. We also specialize in more complex processes like root aeration, disease and pest management, and tree or stump removal.

For more information or to set up an appointment with our certified arborists, go to treenewal.com.

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