3 Ways to Keep Your Soil Healthy

Date June 05, 2023


Author TreeNewal Staff

Soil is extremely important to the health of your plants, trees, shrubs, and bushes. If your soil isn’t in proper health, your plants may also be suffering, and they likely won’t thrive and grow as they should. Unfortunately, many people have no idea how to get healthy soil. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the capacity of soil to function as a living ecosystem that can sustain plants, animals, and humans is the definition of soil health. Here are a few ways to work to keep your soil healthy and thriving.

Get Your Soil Tested

One of the best ways to keep your soil healthy is to get it tested prior to placing any plants in it, then approximately once a year moving forward. Soil testing can help you learn a lot about your soil, including its pH, its texture, what types of organic matter and nutrients are naturally found in it, and what its nutritional needs are.

Ensure Your Soil Has Enough Nutrients and Micronutrients

Another important step for healthy soil is to ensure it has enough nutrients and micronutrients. You may need to use fertilizers, compost, or soil nutrients to ensure the health of your soil. These substances are like food for your soil and your plants.

Cover the Top Layer of Your Soil

The final tip to help keep your soil healthy is to keep the top layer covered. Using mulch is one of the best ways to go about this. You can also use ground covers or cover crops to cover the soil. This helps to prevent it from drying out and losing its nutrients.

Having healthy soil is important to ensure the overall prosperity of the items you plant in it, such as trees, shrubs, and flowers. Keeping your soil healthy is not an easy task, but it’s an important one. You should get your soil tested prior to planting and at least once a year thereafter, ensure your soil has enough nutrients and micronutrients, and cover the top layer of your soil to ensure its overall health. If you’re looking to take better care of your soil, TreeNewal can help. Call us today to learn more about our soil testing and evaluation services. We look forward to assisting you!