What To Do If Your Tree Falls Down

Date October 27, 2020


Author TreeNewal Staff

Have you had a tree fall on your property after a big storm? If so, our professional tree services company is here to help. Keep reading to learn what to do immediately to secure your property and keep people safe after a tree falls, as well as learn about our emergency tree services and DFW tree help for fallen tree removal.

Emergency Steps to Follow After a Tree Falls

While fallen trees can certainly damage your property and vehicles, sometimes fallen trees can create life-threatening emergencies. This is especially true after storms with heavy winds that knocked down both a tree and nearby power lines. Here are the most important things to do immediately after you notice that a tree has fallen on your property:

  • If there are downed power lines, do not go near them. Always assume that downed power lines are live and can cause electrocution. Call 911 immediately so that emergency power services can take care of the downed power lines as soon as possible.
  • If you smell a gas leak, leave your home the safest way possible and call 911. While you smell a gas leak, do not do any of the following in or near your home, as these activities may cause an explosion:
    • Use your phone, even your cell phone, which may trigger a spark.
    • Turn any electric switch on or off.
    • Light a flame of any kind, including using your gas stove
  • If there is a downed tree blocking a local roadway, call 911 so that that emergency personnel can be notified of the road blockage when responding to other emergencies in your city and so that city or county agencies can come on-site to safely remove the tree so that traffic can continue on the street.
  • If the tree has caused damage to your property or vehicle, take photos only as it is safe to do so. You will need these photos to send to your homeowner’s insurance or automobile insurance agency.
  • If there are no downed power lines, gas leaks, or road blockages, call our professional tree services company for emergency fallen tree removal.

Our Fallen Tree Removal Services

As a professional tree care company, tree safety is extremely important to us. We know that fallen trees can pose serious threats to the people, structures, and vehicles on your property. If you have a fallen tree that doesn’t require the immediate assistance of 911 services due to downed power lines or gas leaks, call us for fallen tree removal.

We are available to come to your property at any time to remove fallen trees, whether they fell on your house, your vehicle, or in your yard. With tree safety and people safety being our number one priorities, we have all the professional tools and training needed to safely remove fallen trees.

Filing a Fallen Tree Removal Claim

Typically speaking, when a tree falls and creates property damage, your homeowner’s or automobile insurance will pay to repair your property once your deductible has been met. Whether or not your insurance will also pay for the fallen tree removal tree services depends on your policy. Keep the receipt from your fallen tree removal and ask your adjuster if your policy will pay for the cost of removing the fallen tree from your house or vehicle.

Whose Insurance Pays if Your Neighbor’s Tree Fell on Your House or Vehicle?

Most insurance policies state that the property owner who received the damage uses his or her insurance to pay for property repairs. This means that even if your neighbor’s tree fell on your roof, you are responsible for contacting your homeowner’s insurance company and paying your deductible before they will pay for the cost of repairs to your home.

In certain cases, you may be able to use the court system to recoup the cost of insurance deductibles from your neighbor if his or her tree fell on your house or vehicle. For example, if your neighbor had a known tree problem that he or she neglected to fix – such as a diseased tree or a tree that was already leaning – a judge may rule that your neighbor’s negligence contributed to the tree falling on your property, and hold him or her responsible for paying your insurance deductible.

The Importance of Remove Dead or Leaning Trees Before They Fall

Fallen trees can cause serious damage, and if a tree falls on your house, it can easily cause serious injury or loss of life to the people inside your home when the tree falls. Because tree safety is important to us, we always strongly recommend that problem trees – such as those that are dead, dying and cannot be saved, or are already leaning – be preemptively removed so that the next storm with heavy winds doesn’t cause it to fall and create a tree emergency.

If you have trees with overgrown limbs, or tree limbs hanging over your roof, you need to have them pruned. This will prevent heavy tree limbs from falling on your roof or vehicles during a storm.

Preventative Oak Tree Removal When You Have an Oak Tree Dying

Sometimes it’s important to remove trees before they become hazards. This is the case if you have a dying oak tree. Oak trees are large trees, which means if you have a dying oak tree which is more susceptible to falling in a storm, it can cause major damage and threaten the safety of you and your family.

As ISA Certified Arborists, our team is professionally trained in providing proper tree care and follows the recommended safety guidelines for oak tree removal tree services. We provide this DFW tree help to homeowners and commercial properties alike to keep people, structures, and vehicles safe. We would rather remove a dying oak tree that is still standing than have to respond to a tree emergency and provide fallen tree removal after one of these large trees causes major damage and threatens lives at your home or commercial location.

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