What is a Tree Survey and When Do I Need It?

Date August 13, 2020


Author TreeNewal Staff

Have you ever wondered how homeowners who are building a new home from the ground up on an undeveloped piece of property, or property developers who are building on or landscaping an area determine what trees to keep on their property, and which trees to remove? Did you even realize that assessing a currently forested area for its existing tree variety and species and determining which trees to remove and which trees to keep was something that property developers need to have performed?

It’s true. Before any forested land is developed – either for personal, commercial, or public use – the forested area needs to be evaluated first by an ISA-Certified Arborist like the ones at our North Texas tree services company. This type of evaluation is something that we Arborists call a tree survey.

Tree location surveys are an assessment of the types of trees on a forested piece of land that is currently under consideration for development – either by having structures built on it or by having landscaping performed.

If you are going to build on land or landscape an area and your project will require the removal of several trees, you’ll need a trusted Arborist like the ones we have on staff to perform a tree survey. This is a necessary step for you to take before you can start clearing out the land in question and begin working on your property development project.

What Happens During Tree Location Surveys?

A tree survey is much more than simply making a list of the trees on your property. It’s also about a lot more than saving trees from the tree removal.

During tree location surveys, ISA-Certified Arborists like ourselves perform a number of important tree-related assessment tasks, including:

  • Taking measurements and collecting data on the types of tree species in your currently forested area that you plan on developing or landscaping.
  • Mapping out where all the trees – and their species type – are located on your property.
  • Making notations about how large every tree on the property is.
  • Determining and noting the ages of the trees on the property that you are considering developing.

As you can see, tree location surveys are all-encompassing projects performed by ISA-Certified Arborists like ourselves that track all relevant details about the trees on your currently forested property. They help you make data and research-informed decisions about property and landscape development, and in some cases, also help you comply with state and local tree conservation laws.

Why Would I Need a Tree Survey?

If you’re going to be developing a piece of forested land that will require deforesting, you should have a tree location survey performed. There are several reasons to have tree location surveys performed

First, certain trees, due to their current status and perhaps even status on an endangered species list, are protected by state and local regulations. If you have government-protected trees on your property, you will either need to not remove them, or add new ones to the property after you’ve cleared your space to stay in compliance with state and local government laws.

Additionally, tree location surveys can help you determine if you have certain trees that increase the value of your property, such as a protected historic live oak. Since these trees are sparse and are known for their natural beauty, having them on your property actually increases your property’s value. Therefore, a tree survey helps you develop around these valuable trees so you can perform your property improvement project while creating a beautiful landscape for people to enjoy for years to come, and develop a property that will also be worth more.

Who Needs to Have Tree Location Surveys Performed?

Generally speaking, you should have tree location surveys performed if you are doing one of the following types of property improvement projects:

  • You’re clearing moderately to heavily forested land for development. This includes clearing out land to build structures on it or to re-landscape an area that’s currently forested.
  • You want to cut down trees to harvest wood.
  • You’re part of a team preparing maps of property for resale.
  • You’re researching a forested area and performing studies and assessments on it.

Who Doesn’t Need a Tree Survey?

If you’re developing a piece of land that only has a few scattered trees on it, you most likely don’t need to have a tree survey performed. But keep in mind, having fewer trees on your property doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t excused from having tree location surveys performed.

If you have a tree on your property that is a protected species – such as a historic live oak – a tree location survey is still necessary to document the protected tree and come up with a plan to develop the land without uprooting and removing the protected tree.

How We Help You with Tree Location Surveys

As ISA-Certified Arborists with 15+ years of performing tree location surveys in North Texas, we are perfectly trained and equipped to help you with your upcoming tree survey. We know all about the species of trees that grow here in our area, including trees that are protected and either can’t be removed or must be transplanted or have replacement trees planted in their place.

We have also helped several property developers just like you plan their landscapes as they are removing unwanted trees to help accentuate the natural beauty of their properties. We can help you develop your land while also selecting certain trees that will add to the curb appeal – and potentially even the value – of your property.

Call Us to Schedule a Tree Location Survey

As ISA-Certified Arborists, we’re here to help you with your upcoming tree survey. Whether you have questions about the process, aren’t sure if your property currently has enough trees to necessitate having a tree survey performed, or are ready to schedule a tree location survey, we’re here to help. Simply call our team of tree experts at TreeNewal today at tel:(817) 592-6846

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