Tree Location Surveys: What is a Tree Survey?

Date May 05, 2020


Author TreeNewal Staff

Many people have a basic understanding of trees, how they are planted, and what it takes to promote positive tree growth. In actuality, the planting and maintenance of trees are stringently regulated by communities and subdivisions in conjunction with the local government.

Essentially, if you’re going to plant a tree, you have to make sure that its growth will align with the curb appeal of surrounding homes and that it won’t have any undesirable tendencies.

For this reason, calling on the help of a tree surveyor is vital if you’re a landowner building a property. As such, here is a complete guide on what a tree survey is and why it’s important for any new construction.

What is a Tree Survey?

A tree survey is an extensive inspection of the conditions of a specific area in regards to planting and maintaining a tree. A tree survey is very similar to a land survey, in which a professional comes out to a land plot to assess the feasibility of the region for the construction of a building.

In the same way, tree surveys help landowners to assess whether it’s practical to grow specific trees and shrubs in that area. For example, you can’t grow palm trees in a suburban neighborhood in Minnesota.

Palm trees require immense amounts of sunlight and water and can’t possibly grow in a frigid region that’s ubiquitous in Minnesota. Without governmental oversight, landowners will be able to perform these types of activities, resulting in the inadequate of trees that will almost certainly lead to death.

Tree surveys aren’t optional tasks for landowners, rather they are extremely important to ensure that the right trees are planted with sufficient growing conditions.

Why is a Tree Survey Important?

Using the previous example, you can’t plant a palm tree in any community in Minnesota. This state doesn’t provide ideal growing conditions for palm trees. Therefore, planting these trees will result in death.

Dead trees can increasingly drive down property values, cause homeowners to move away, and deter new investors and movers. This is why communities and local governments employ strict guidelines for what trees can be planted in particular areas.

With a tree survey, you can obtain all the information necessary to make informed decisions on what trees you can plant. Of course, tree surveys aren’t necessary if you’re doing basic gardening.

By visiting your local home improvement store, like Home Depot and Lowes, you can find flowers and shrubs you can plant on your land, along with important information about its growing conditions.

In addition, you can also just conduct an online search for flowers and shrubs you can plant in your region. However, as far as trees are concerned, more regulation is necessary.

Trees can rapidly die in the wrong climate and environment. When they do die, they pose a significant risk to surrounding property and the lives of others.

What are the Benefits of a Tree Survey?

While tree surveys are essential for landowners and mandated by local governments, these tasks do carry important benefits you can take advantage of. A tree survey is a comprehensive analysis of the state of the nearby land, as well as its feasibility to grow specific trees.

What’s more, is that a tree survey can provide landowners with helpful guidance and insights on how they can safeguard a tree during construction. Surveyors can also help landowners gauge how they can protect the condition and health of particular trees after construction.

Here are additional benefits of tree surveys:

  • These analyses are instrumental in preventing disease and pests.
  • Tree surveys can prevent damage to homes and surrounding property.
  • Surveys can prevent damage to the foundation of buildings
  • A full survey can determine whether certain trees should be planted or cut down.
  • Surveys can produce official documentation required to meet local standards.


How to Find a Tree Surveyor?

A tree surveyor conducts tree surveys. The difference between a tree surveyor and an Arborist is minimal. Tree surveyors usually only provide tree surveys, while Arborists offer a full range of tree services.

Moreover, highly-experienced, licensed Arborists are often qualified to provide tree surveys. If you want to find a tree surveyor, you should look for an ISA-certified Arborist who is not only qualified to perform the task, but also able to render other important tree services.

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