Types of Magnolia Trees

Date March 15, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Magnolia trees are a classic choice for many homeowners. Not only are these trees beautiful, but they also come in a variety of types suited for different environments. While most magnolia trees have massive, leathery leaves and gorgeous pink or white flowers, magnolias come in many forms. The type of magnolia trees you have in your yard will impact the way you care for them. These are some of the most common types of magnolia trees.

Evergreen Magnolias

Image via Unsplash by jojo2866

Evergreen magnolias will stay green throughout the year. They don’t lose their leaves in the winter months, though they may exhibit some small changes when the temperatures drop.

Evergreen magnolias have large leaves and white blossoms. They’re commonly found in the Southern United States, particularly in Louisiana and Mississippi. These trees are gorgeous throughout the year, but they can take a decade to blossom. Some evergreen magnolias take up a lot of space, and they do have shallow roots that can damage the pavement.

Some magnolias, like the Southern magnolia, are technically evergreen, but some of the green leaves can drop when the weather is cold. The good news about the Southern magnolia is that these trees can blossom more quickly than other evergreens. They also do well with partial shade.

The Brittany magnolia is a semi-dwarf evergreen that grows densely in smaller spaces. It’s a great privacy treewith large flowers. Plus, this plant is particularly hardy and is able to survive some of the coldest weather.

Deciduous Magnolias

Not all magnolias stay green throughout the year. In fact, there are several types of deciduous magnolias. These trees respond to the season, losing leaves and flowers when the weather is colder.

Some deciduous magnolias have saucer flowers. The saucer magnolia offers bright flowers, which makes them a great choice to plant in a front yard. In order for these plants to flourish, they need fertilized soil with excellent drainage. The Alexandrina magnolia is one tree with saucer blooms that grows quite large. This type of tree is a great privacy hedge, but this option is not the most tolerant to frost and cold weather.

Some deciduous magnolias, like the kobus magnolia and rosea magnolia, have star flowers. The magnolia stellata, or Star magnolia, is a small tree that produces white flowers in late winter and early spring. This tree flowers early, so it’s a good option for those who want to bring more life to a yard early in the year. The magnolia loebneri, or Merrill magnolia, is a hybrid tree that grows more quickly than others. This tree has beautiful star blooms with double petals that stand out even among other magnolia plants.

Care for Magnolia Trees With Professional Help

Magnolia trees can be challenging. Although they’re beautiful when they’re in bloom, magnolia trees benefit from professional help. TreeNewal can recommend a tree maintenance plan and help condition the soil so it will be more conducive to tree growth. Hiring a professional to help care for magnolia trees ensures that they last.