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What makes TreeNewal’s tree care services above the rest is the quality supplements integrated into nourishing and revitalizing your trees. TreeNewal proudly uses and sells products to install for tree nutrition, such as Biochar and VITAL Blends, with outstanding results.

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    What Is Biochar?

    An all-natural soil enhancement product, Biochar is sustainably made plant-derived and 100% organic to encourage healthy, living soils that improve nutrient availability for trees, turf, and landscapes. Biochar is defined simply as charcoal used for agricultural purposes. When applied, this supplement charges the soil bringing nutrients and healthy micro-organisms for maximum potential with your plants. Made from renewable Southern Yellow Pine, Biochar is 97% pure carbon USDA Certified Biobased and qualified for the Federal Bio-Preferred Program.

    Benefits of Soil Conditioning

    • Biochar’s wood structure enhances the soil’s porosity and increases its water-retaining capacity, which helps plants during drought conditions.
    • Biochar’s pores create spaces for slow-release food and nutrient storage.
    • This abundance of pores enhances fertilizer usage by preventing leaching and aids in the slow-release process for longer-lasting results.

    What Are VITAL Blends?

    Even the most impoverished soil will benefit significantly from the VITAL Blend Soil Amendments, both original and VITAL Blend 5M. Consisting of elements in Biochar charged with Humate, another plant-derived Active Carbon, VITAL Blends supply a multitude of micronutrients and high-energy carbon food sources for plants. The two ingredients make the perfect proprietary blend for soil nutrition effective on its own or mixed with composts, fertilizers, or other mixtures.

    Similar to the original supplement, VITAL Blend 5M Soil Amendment is a liquid blend of 5 micron-sized activated Biochar charged with the Humate, making it a perfect addition to fertilizing.

    What Is HUMATE?

    Humate is an organic-rich source of Active Carbon that furnishes soil and plant nutrition with over 55 minerals, micronutrients, fulvic/humic/ulmic acids, enzymes, natural biostimulants, and amino acids. With Humate, plants quickly absorb needed nutrients, and their energy is redirected to enhance growth. Humate is available in both granular and liquid forms. Granular Humate helps in the reduction of soil compaction and removing contaminants. Liquid Humate boosts liquid fertilizers.

    What Is NAKED Char?

    NAKED Char is pure activated Biochar. Highly porous, NAKED Char creates spaces in the soil for microbes, water, air, food, and nutrients. In addition, the massive amount of pores assists in the reduction of fertilizer loss and helps correct damage done to the soil by excess salts, petroleum, heavy metals, and other contaminants. Combine Naked Char with other soil amendments and fertilizers to maximize results and increase water retention, improving drought tolerance for plants and trees.

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