Is it Okay to Trim Trees in the Summer?

Date June 18, 2020


Author TreeNewal Staff

Summertime is when many Texans are outside and having some fun in the sun. And because we spend so much time outdoors in the summer, we often notice our trees more. This leads some to notice misshapen trees and think that they should trim their trees while they’re outside enjoying some sun.

But is tree trimming in summer a good idea? The answer is, it depends. There are certain trees that should always be trimmed in the summer, certain trees that should never be pruned in the summer, and unavoidable situations in which a tree needs to be trimmed no matter what time of year it is.

Trees that Need Tree Trimming in the Summer

The truth is that most trees are best trimmed between winter and spring. But there are some exceptions. The following types of trees require summer tree care and trimming:

  • Maple trees
  • Birch tree
  • Walnut trees

Your summer tree trimming goals for these trees should be to thin out the canopy, head them up, remove any cross branches that may cause growth issues down the line, reduce the size of the tree (if desired), and just overall update the shape of the tree.

Trees that Should Never be Trimmed During the Summer

Our beloved oak trees should never be trimmed during the summer months. This is because oak trees have a disease called Oak Wilt, which is spread by pests and could infect and even kill oak trees that are trimmed between April and October. Always wait until the fall and winter to trim oak trees.

Summer Tree Trimming Exceptions

Sometimes tree trimming in summer is unavoidable. If you encounter one of these scenarios, it’s okay to bend the rules and trim your trees during the summer months:

  • Limbs Are Hanging Very Low and Creating a Hazard

While we love trees and want to take the best care of them that’s possible, human safety always comes first. Sometimes, a tree limb will be hanging so low that it’s dangerous. It may be hanging so low that it impedes your ability to walk around or under it to cut your grass, for example. In these cases where safety is compromised, tree trimming in the summer is not only justified, it’s needed.

  • Your Tree Has Suffered Storm Damage

We all know what type of wild storms we get in the summer. And sometimes, a tree is damaged during a storm. Damaged limbs can become dangerous limbs if not immediately attended to, as they can fall on structures or people. If your tree becomes damaged during a summer storm, you need to trim the necessary branches as soon as it’s safe to do so.

  • Your Tree Has Dead Branches

Dead branches naturally fall off trees at unpredictable times. Since you never know when that may be, it’s always best to trim a dead branch off a tree as soon as you notice it, so it doesn’t fall on a person or structure at a later date in time.

  • You Need to Transplant Your Tree During the Summer Months

In a perfect world, a tree wouldn’t be transplanted until its leaves have fallen off up until right before the leaves grow back in the spring. We know this isn’t always possible, though. Sometimes homeowners and property owners make additions to their structures or add porches or decks during the summer months. It’s far better to transplant a tree than to remove it altogether. And when you do transplant a tree, you need to trim ⅓ out of the top so the tree can survive the “shock” of being transplanted.

  • You Need to Reshape a Tree After a Utility Company Trimmed it for Clearance

We all know that trees need to be clear of utility lines. Well, when utility companies are trimming trees for clearance, they aren’t exactly thinking about aesthetics. To put it bluntly, they typically butcher the shape of your beloved tree! If this happens to you during the summer, it’s okay to reshape it to a more appealing look.

Our Southlake Tree Services

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