How to Choose the Right Tree Trimming Service in Dallas for Your Spring Cleanup Needs

Date May 02, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Property owners looking for tree trimming services in the Dallas area have many companies to choose from. Hiring the right one can help ensure the job gets done properly and safely. It can also save property owners time, money, and hassle later. Read on for six things to consider when choosing a tree trimming service this spring.


Image via Flickr by my_southborough

Reputable tree service companies should provide proof of professional liability and workers’ compensation insurance. Liability insurance protects property owners from any damage the company might cause while on the job. Workers’ compensation insurance protects the customer from a lawsuit should an employee get injured while on the property. Potential customers can ask to receive a copy of a company’s certificate of insurance from the insurance agency itself to ensure it’s legitimate.


Tree service companies are required to carry licenses, such as local and state business licenses and a contractor’s license. Those that aren’t licensed are operating illegally. Property owners can visit the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation website to confirm the company has an up-to-date license.


Respected tree service companies ensure their employees are knowledgeable and well-trained. Customers should look for companies with acquired training and credentials, such as International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certification, Certified Tree Care Safety Professional certification, CPR training, climber safety, and power line safety certification. Another credential to look for is accreditation with the Tree Care Industry Association.


Property owners should obtain estimates from at least three tree service companies before choosing one. Getting multiple estimates can help customers understand the average price for the work they require. Further, asking for a detailed assessment of all fees can help prevent surprises after the tree service is complete. Customers should be wary of quotes that seem too cheap or too expensive. They should also stay away from companies that require full payment upfront.


Property owners should ask companies for referrals from Dallas-area customers. They can ask former and current customers about pricing, how long the job took, their experience working with the tree service company, and whether the employees cleaned up before leaving. Property owners can also research reviews online to learn about the quality of a company’s work and whether it has serious complaints against it.


After gathering estimates, referrals, and credentials from several tree-trimming services, customers should compare them to determine which best meets their needs. They should factor into their decision whether a company offers extra services or benefits that another doesn’t. They should also consider each service’s techniques. For example, one company might remove trees by cutting them into manageable sections, while another might cut down a tree in one piece. The latter is typically less expensive but more damaging.

A reputable tree trimming company should provide excellent customer service, employ certified arborists, have positive reviews, and practice safe trimming techniques. At TreeNewal, we meet all these requirements and more. Contact our team today to learn about our services and let us help you with your spring cleanup needs.