Best Trees for Denton

Date October 15, 2020


Author TreeNewal Staff

Have you ever wondered what trees best grow and thrive right here in Denton, Texas? As ISA Certified Arborists with professional training in tree care needs, we know all about the species that grow well here in Denton. We have also been providing Denton tree services for 15 years, and have firsthand knowledge of trees that best perform in our hot climate and slightly acidic soils. Keep reading to learn about the best trees for Denton homeowners and commercial property, as well as the important Denton tree care services we offer including Denton tree pruning and removal of dead or broken tree limbs.

  • Chinese Pistache

If you’re looking for a nice, shady tree to relax underneath on a hot Texas day, you simply can’t go wrong with the Chinese pistache. This tree species is one of the best trees for shade in Denton, Texas.

The Chinese pistache is a medium-sized shade tree that homeowners and commercial property owners love because it’s easy to maintain. It also grows very well in the slightly acidic soils we have right here in Denton.

With a good growth rate, this long-lived species grows an average of 2 to 3 feet per year. It can grow to be as much as 40 to 50 feet tall at maturity, and 30 feet wide.

The Chinese pistache is also an aesthetically appealing tree. Its green leaves turn orange, red, and even crimson during the fall, making its fall foliage quite the sight to see and enjoy.

  • Lace Bark Elm

This tree – which is native to China, Japan, and Korea – thrives in Denton because it is drought-tolerant and grows well in our alkaline soils. Despite being non-native, it’s a common tree in our area. The lace bark elm is distinguished by its broad, vase-shaped crown, green leaves, graceful and drooping branchlets, and bark that, in mature lace bark elms, begins to display patches of colored bark in various shades such as brown, gray, orange, and green.

  • Post Oak Tree

The post oak tree is a beautiful oak tree, making it a great choice for your Denton property. This deciduous oak tree (meaning it loses its leaves in the fall and winter) can grow to be 40 to 50 feet tall. Its leaves vary between growing to 3 to 5 inches long, and sometimes even longer.

The post oak tree grows acorns that average about ¾ inches in length. They often fall from the tree’s branches and are eaten by local wildlife, making the post oak tree a great tree for landscapes with lots of space.

  • Red Oak Tree

Red oak trees are great for Denton because they grow well in our slightly acidic soil. They are also very tolerant to heat – and we all know that is here in Texas – and they require very little water, too.

Like post oak trees, red oaks trees are deciduous trees. At maturity they reach a medium size, averaging a highlight of around 75 feet tall. They have an average width of about 60 feet. Red oaks grow acorns, which fall to the ground and are often eaten by local wildlife.

  • Yaupon Holly Tree

The yaupon holly tree is one of our favorite evergreen trees for Denton. Native to Texas, it can grow in virtually any type of soil and sun or shade condition. It’s also drought-tolerant.

The yaupon holly tree can grow to be between 15 to 25 feet tall and 15 to 20 feet wide. In the spring it booms inconspicuous white flowers. Its leaves are small, ovate, and green.

While this tree is susceptible to pest infestations, that’s not a reason to forgo it altogether. As ISA Certified Arborists, our team is able to provide environmentally responsible insect control to manage pest infestations in any tree species, including the yaupon holly tree.

Our Denton Tree Care Offerings

Whatever trees you have in your local landscape, we can help care for them. As a Denton tree services company, our ISA Certified Arborists provide a wide variety of Denton tree care services. Our professional Denton tree services include:

  • Denton Tree Pruning and Removal of Limbs

Mid fall to late spring is the perfect time for Denton tree pruning and removal of limbs. Doing so helps your tree maintain a great shape, grow healthily, and by pruning during the dormant season, we’re best able to protect your trees from developing a tree disease or pest infestation.

  • Tree Nutrition

Trees need to be fertilized every year. We help by creating our own special blend of fertilizer, formulated by our very own ISA Certified Arborists. If needed, we can also increase the oxygen flow to oxygen-suppressed trees by performing root aeration.

  • Tree Health Inspections

If you suspect you have an unhealthy tree, we can help. Among the Denton tree services we provide are health inspections. We look for telltale signs of tree diseases or pest infestations. If your tree is affected, we come up with a personal treatment plan for your tree, forgoing chemicals and using tree nutrition to bring diseased trees back to life, and environmentally responsible insect control to overcome pest infestations.

  • Tree Removal

While we know you want great trees on your property, we also understand that sometimes you need trees removed. If you need tree removal, we can perform this service along with stump removal, too.

  • Emergency Tree Services

The strong storms with heavy winds that we get here in Denton can create tree emergencies. If you have a storm-damaged tree with falling limbs or a tree that has completely fallen, we can come to your property and stabilize the situation.

Ask Us All Your Denton Tree Care Questions!

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