Tree Native to North Texas

Date April 13, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Trees are essential to sustainable and livable communities, the lungs of any neighborhood, and a beautiful addition to any landscape. If you live in North Texas and are considering planting a tree in your backyard, you’ll save time, money, and headaches by planting a native tree.

Reasons to Plant a Native Tree

Image via Flickr by oatsy40

As you may already know, trees add value to a property and are the perfect low-maintenance addition to any landscape. However, some trees adapt better to certain areas than others. Planting a native tree will help you save on fertilizer, water, and pesticides because they are used to North Texas weather.

Trees Native to North Texas

There are over a hundred native trees in Texas and over 20 species in North Texas alone. Below is a brief description of a few:

Bald Cypress

With green foliage that turns orange and brown in the fall, the bald cypress is the perfect tree for naturally wet areas, as it tends to balance them out.

Bigtooth Maple

The bigtooth maple is a fast-growing shade tree that serves as a food source for wildlife and domestic animals. This deciduous tree displays red and orange colors in the fall.

Cedar Elm

The cedar elm is a versatile and hardy shade tree that can adapt to many soil types, including our distinctive clay soils. This tree is drought-tolerant and can take any shape you give it.

Chinquapin Oak

Chinquapin oak is a drought and heat-tolerant shade tree that is more resistant to oak wilt than other oaks. It’s deciduous with pointed leaves and flaky bark.

Chaste Tree

Due to the density of the branches, chaste trees make the perfect accent or barrier tree. The tree turns a beautiful shade of blue in the summer, and regular pruning is recommended but not necessary.

Desert Willow

If you have a small backyard and still want to plant a tree native to North Texas, desert willow is a delicate and small ornamental tree with snapdragon-like flowers.

Eve’s Necklace

Eve’s Necklace is another ornamental deciduous native tree with excellent heat and drought tolerance. It blooms in the spring and is named for its necklace-like fruits. It is perfect for small backyards.

Texas Mountain Laurel

Texas mountain laurel is an ornamental tree that thrives in dry, well-drained areas and produces striking blue flowers in long chains. It’s also an accent tree, so it’s best to plant it in a spot where it can spread out to fully decorate the landscape.

Southern Magnolia

The iconic southern magnolia is a shade and screening tree with dark green leaves and white fragrant flowers that bloom in spring and summer. It requires minimal care and is highly tolerant of heat and drought.
If you’d like to learn more about native trees or need a specialist to help you, TreeNewal’s tree doctors are ISA-certified arborists who can help you with pruning, fertilization, soil conditioning, and tree diseases. Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.