3 Benefits of Hiring an Arborist

Date April 25, 2023


Author TreeNewal Staff

While it’s great to have trees on your property, they come with responsibility. Like any other plant, your trees are susceptible to disease, insect infestations, and death. Luckily, professional arborists know how to handle your trees and ensure they stay as healthy and strong as possible. Even if you enjoy caring for your trees, it’s nothing like having a professional keep an eye on things. Read on to see why you should trust your trees in the care of local certified arborists.

1. They Check for Disease

As mentioned, trees can suffer from diseases. However, you may not easily spot a sick tree. When you bring in an arborist, they can tell if your tree has an infestation or other issues that can bring on eventual death. When you let a diseased tree go untreated, the illness can spread to other trees and threaten your entire landscape. Sick trees can also cause an infestation of annoying pests on your property.

2. They Cut Down Dangerous Trees

In some cases, a tree may be too close to your house. If a tree is too close to your property, it can cause issues with your roof, as well as your foundation. Overgrown tree branches can puncture your sewage pipeline, causing major damage and repair bills. If you live in an area with regular inclement weather, such as storms and high winds, you’ll have a safety hazard on your hands since a tree could easily fall on your home. Certified arborists will be able to recognize which trees are dangerous, and remove them.

3. They Provide Regular Pruning

There are over 127,000 tree-trimming businesses in the U.S., according to IBIS World. While you may know how to trim and prune plants and trees, arborists will do it better. If you’re not knowledgeable about the structure of a tree, you could easily damage it by pruning or trimming it the wrong way. Certified arborists have the right training, expertise, and knowledge to know how often to prune and the best spots on the branch to ensure further growth.

When you take good care of your trees, they can last your lifetime. That’s why you should enlist the help of certified arborists. They have what it takes to ensure your trees remain healthy and beautiful and don’t become a safety hazard to your family. Contact Treenewal today for further assistance.