Fort Worth’s Trusted Tree Inspection Services

Date October 29, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Routine tree maintenance can ensure a tree continues to grow and thrive. Tree inspections are essential for detecting and treating potential problems before they become larger issues. This guide provides more information about the importance of scheduling tree inspection services in Fort Worth, Texas.

What Is a Tree Inspection?

Image via Flickr by Dan Keck

Much like it sounds, a tree inspection involves examining a tree to determine its overall health. At TreeNewal, our ISA-certified arborists conduct tree inspections by looking at a tree’s bark, branches, and structure. They’ll also inspect the soil around a tree to learn more about its environment, which can provide valuable information about a tree’s current condition and potential problems. With this information, they can recommend preventive strategies to ensure a tree remains healthy.

What Are the Benefits of Tree Inspections?

Some property owners may wonder why they need to schedule routine tree inspections if their trees appear strong and healthy. Although trees seem in good condition, they may have underlying issues, so inspections are important for detecting potential problems. Tree inspections are beneficial for the following reasons:

  • To catch disease early: During a tree inspection, an arborist will look for symptoms of disease. In Texas, common tree diseases include oak wilt, hypoxylon canker, and root rot. By catching these infections early, an arborist can determine effective treatments to manage the disease and prevent its spread.
  • To minimize damage: Various factors, such as storms and construction, can cause damage to trees. Property owners may not notice this damage until it becomes too late. Regular tree inspections allow an arborist to identify structural damage and find ways to minimize it.
  • To ensure safety: A diseased or damaged tree can become a safety hazard to people and property. If the tree weakens, it’s more likely to break or fall onto a home, building, or other structure. Tree inspections can give property owners peace of mind, knowing their trees are healthy and sound.
  • To create a watering routine: Many property owners don’t know how often to water their trees to keep them healthy and thriving. After a tree inspection, an arborist can provide detailed instructions on how to water a tree, depending on its type and age.

How Often Should Homeowners Schedule Tree Inspections?

On average, experts recommend having a certified arborist inspect trees at least every five years. Outside of this routine maintenance, there may be other times when property owners should schedule a tree inspection. For example, having an arborist inspect trees after a major weather event, such as a tornado or prolonged drought, is a good idea. When purchasing a home, buyers may also consider scheduling a tree inspection to identify potential problems before signing a contract.

TreeNewal Provides Tree Inspection Services in Fort Worth

Tree inspections are a proactive, cost-effective way to maintain the health and structural integrity of trees. At TreeNewal, we provide comprehensive tree inspections on residential and commercial properties. Based on the results of an inspection, we can recommend additional treatments if necessary, such as insect or disease management. Call us at 817-385-9552 or contact us online for more information about our tree inspection services in Fort Worth.