Benefits of Summer Tree Pruning

Date May 21, 2020


Author TreeNewal Staff

Pruning is an important part of keeping trees healthy. Similar to how people cut their hair, pruning helps trees to achieve a healthy shape, in which wild limbs do not damage property or pose any safety risks.

In addition, pruning also results in increased sun exposure, air circulation, and the promotion of healthy leaves and branches. It’s essential to prune trees in the summertime, mainly since this is when they reach the apex of their growing season.

Are you interested in practicing effective tree growth techniques? If so, this guide will outline all of the benefits of pruning your trees in the summer.

Pruning Removes Dead Limbs

Trees are beautiful living things. However, they can pose safety risks when they enter the decaying process. Trees don’t always die quickly like most living things. Over time, dead limbs will appear, resulting in the death of its roots until the entire tree falls down.

Most people ignore dead tree limbs until the damage has already been done. Dead limbs can fall unexpectedly, causing physical damage to vehicles, your home, and other property. These deceased limbs can also put lives at risk.

In the summertime, dead limbs become common and more obvious. This is the perfect time to sever these limbs to protect your home and property from massive damage.

Pruning Encourages Optimal Growth

Pruning almost always leads to optimal tree growth.

This happens in a similar way to hair growth. If you want to increase your hair growth, you’ll need to trim it regularly to bring in new growth while removing damaged hair. Trees grow in the same manner. However, you should be mindful of excessively pruning your trees during the summer, as that can be problematic as well.

Pruning opens up vectors and open wounds in trees that can exacerbate fungi growth and pest infestation. Therefore, it’s best to leave summer pruning in the hands of the professionals.

Pruning Keeps Fruit Trees Strong

If you grow fruit trees either for personal or commercial use, you definitely need to keep them pruned. The ideal time to prune many types of fruit trees is early spring, when they are dormant. Nonetheless, fruit trees that are growing too big for their area can be pruned in early summer to keep them manageable and under control.

When done right pruning is key to supporting young tree development. Proper pruning techniques help yield greater fruit quality and size. Further, more air circulation light penetration improves tree growth.

Pruning also leads to the growth of durable and strong branches able to support healthy fruit during harvest. Fruit trees like cherries and apricots can become susceptible to disease during the rainy season when pruning takes place.

Therefore, you should prune cherries and apricot trees in July and August. Also, Japanese plum, nectarine, and peach trees can grow rapidly to large heights forming strong limbs.

Pruning these types of trees can support strong tree limb development. It’s important to consult a Certified Arborist to assist with the pruning of your fruit trees.

Pruning Helps Pest Control

Dead limbs can serve as breeding grounds for pests. Removing dead limbs can eliminate the presence of pests. If you are growing fruit trees, then you have to be extremely mindful of pests.

This will keep your trees producing delicious fruit. To prevent infestation, remove dead limbs, and do not compose them. Other trees should also be pruned regularly to remove pests.

Pests can completely ruin the growth of trees. They can even spread disease that can kill trees, infecting all of the trees on your property. For this reason, you should take a proactive approach to rid your trees from harmful pests by practicing effective pruning habits.

Why You Should Hire a Certified Arborist

Pruning is often a task best left up to the professionals. Excessive pruning can damage trees and open up the doorway for pest and fungal infestations. Professionals experienced in tree services are qualified to properly prune your trees.

These professionals are called Arborists or tree surgeons. Arborists specialize in promoting healthy tree growth and keeping them maintained throughout the year.

It’s important to hire a Certified Arborist to assist you with pruning. Arborists with an ISA certification have proven their mastery in rendering quality tree services and consultation. These individuals also usually have several years of experience and will likely provide exceptional service.

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