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Date May 07, 2020


Author TreeNewal Staff

Are you a homeowner with beautiful trees on your property, or a property manager who has several trees under your care? If so, you need to make sure you have your trees professionally pruned this spring or summer by a certified master Arborist with years of experience pruning North Texas trees. And it’s not too late to get on our late spring/early summer schedule to improve the look and ensure the health of your trees for this season, and several seasons to come.

Why Prune Your Trees?

Some people think the only reason you need your trees pruned is for aesthetics. These people associate tree trimming with improving the overall look of a tree, and mistakenly believe that this is the only reason that trees need yearly trimmings.

The truth is, having your trees professionally pruned by a certified master Arborist is the best way to ensure these majestic beauties will be on your property and flourishing for years to come. In addition to making trees look more appealing, having your trees professionally pruned every year is important because:

  • Tree pruning removes dead branches, which, if left untouched, could become infected as they decay and negatively impact the health of your trees.
  • Properly trimming trees promotes tree health, so that branches will grow and buds will burst for years to come, leaving you with beautiful trees to enjoy.
  • Arborists know how to safely trim trees – both for tree health and tree rimmer safety. If you have very tall trees, you risk falling if you climb them or use a tall ladder to reach limbs you want to remove. We have all the safety gear needed to prune trees of all sizes.
  • Tree trimming is a science, and the branches that are trimmed will impact the underlying flora and fauna in your landscape. We know how to locate and remove branches that are blocking light from the rest of your landscape, inhibiting its growth.
  • Removing branches that are hanging or lying on roofs or other structures protects them from tree damage, especially during upcoming summer storms.
  • Arborists know when different species of trees need to be cut. While many North Texas trees need a professional prune right now, some need to wait for pruning until the fall. When we come to your home or site and inspect your trees, we’ll know which trees need to be addressed right now.


Why Have Trees Pruned By a Certified Master Arborist?

An International Society of Arboriculture certified master Arborist knows more than you can ever imagine about trees! This career requires a bachelor’s degree or at least 3 years of hands-on experience in professional tree trimming before an applicant can even take the test to become certified.

As such, Arborists are much, much more than tree trimmers or landscapers. An Arborist’s primary focus is safety and tree health. They spend years studying local trees and how to best prune them, treat them, fertilize them, and protect them so they’ll live for generations.

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Tree Pruning

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t consider tree trimming a DIY task. These include:

  • Your own personal safety. It can be difficult to reach high tree branches, and climbing trees or using a tall ladder to trim them when you haven’t been trained on tree trimming or have the property safety gear could be a fall hazard.
  • Only an Arborist knows how to truly trim trees to promote tree health. If you trim trees solely based on what looks good, you run the risk of stunting its growth.
  • Arborists know how to identify diseased limbs that need to be removed in order to prevent the entire tree from becoming infected.
  • Even if you think you have an eye for tree pruning, you don’t have the level of experience as a certified master Arborist for shaping trees into a beautiful shape you can enjoy all year long.


Tree Pruning Services for North Texas Residents and Property Managers

We are proud to have 15 years of experience caring for trees in North Texas. From these years of work, we’ve learned the details and intricacies of tree species that grow in our region, and how to properly care for North Texas trees so they can be enjoyed for several years to come.

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