The Best Trees to Plant for Fall Color in North Texas

Date October 29, 2022


Author TreeNewal Staff

If you want to add some fall color to your North Texas landscape, this is the blog for you! Not only is fall the perfect time to plant trees in Dallas, but doing so this season will allow you to enjoy beautiful spring blooms and vibrant fall foliage next autumn. While not all trees are suited for DFW climates, we’ve compiled a list of suggestions for the best trees to plant in North Texas that will give you the autumnal vibes you’re looking for.

Will We See Fall Colors in Dallas? 

Due to our hot, dry summers and wet autumns, Dallas/Fort Worth isn’t known for producing hallmark-worthy fall foliage. While we may see some shade differentiation, irregular weather patterns may dull the colors of leaves. Optimal conditions for fall colors in Dallas are warm sunny days and cool but not freezing nights. The main factors affecting fall coloration are tree species, light, temperature, and rainfall. That being said, it is possible to see fall colors in DFW; if we do, it will most likely be in November. 

Best Trees to Plant in Dallas for Fall Color 

Planting trees in fall will give them time to establish their root systems by spring. If all goes well and the conditions are right, you’ll be able to enjoy a burst of beautiful blooms in spring and gorgeous fall shades next autumn.  

While it may be tempting to plant trees famous for fall colors, like dogwood, ginkgo, or sassafras, choosing a tree that isn’t adaptable to alkaline soil or tolerant to heat and drought will end up being a wasted investment. Luckily, there are a few great trees well-suited to DFW that can showcase autumn’s finest colors. 

Oak Trees with Best Fall Color 

  • Shumard red oak – as the name states, shumard oak tree leaves can turn intense crimson or burgundy during optimal conditions. Additionally, this species is adaptable to a wide variety of soil types and is one of the best trees to plant in Dallas.
  • Bur oak – one of the hardiest trees to plant in DFW, bur oaks boast high tolerance to heat, drought, and air pollution. During fall, the leaves can turn yellow, yellowish-green, and bronze before dropping. Bur oaks are also perfect for shading your home during spring and summer!

Maple Trees with Best Fall Color 

While maple trees are known for their vibrant coloration, they are rare in North Texas. This is because they don’t always do well in our soil and climate, but if you have an established maple tree, you’ll get to experience some stunning fall colors. Some maple tree varieties that deliver golden orange to fiery red hues are: 

  • Red maple
  • Japanese maple
  • Shantung maple

Elm Trees with Best Fall Color 

While not as popular as oaks, elm trees are an excellent addition to North Texas landscapes and community forests. During the fall, elm trees can display golden amber shades in the right conditions. Some of the best elm trees to plant in Dallas for fall color include: 

More Trees to Plant in Dallas for Fall Foliage 

  • Bald cypress – although they can be mistaken for evergreen trees, the bald cypress is actually a deciduous tree. Its lacey yellow-green leaves may turn golden brown and rusty red before dropping.
  • Chinese pistache – one of the most popular trees in North Texas, Chinese pistache trees are well-suited to alkaline soils and DFW climates. Depending on weather conditions, leaves will turn striking shades of red in fall. 
  • Fun fact: Chinese pistache trees are more likely to show fall colors when you have both male and female species present. 
  • Chinese tallow – while less common than the Chinese pistache, tallow trees can produce a variety of fall colors in Dallas, ranging from yellow, orange, red, and purple, sometimes even on the same tree!

When planting trees in North Texas, it’s always best to choose an adaptable or well-suited tree to our climate and soil type. Doing so will make them easier to care for, pose fewer tree health problems down the line, and allow you to enjoy the full benefits of your trees for years to come. If you need advice or assistance on which tree to plant on your landscape, contact a TreeNewal Dallas tree care specialist at (817) 592-6846

Producing beautiful fall colors is just one of the benefits of planting trees in Dallas/Fort Worth. Trees serve an essential role in our communities, so it’s essential that we take care of them through professional tree services. As the best tree care company in Dallas/Fort Worth, TreeNewal provides industry-leading services like tree trimming and pruning, tree nutrition, insect and disease management, and more. Our tree care experts can create a tree maintenance plan tailored to your tree’s specific needs to keep it healthy and strong year-round. We’re passionate about protecting our customers’ investment and promoting a greener, more sustainable environment for our beloved North Texas communities. Call (817) 592-6846 to learn more!  

TreeNewal is a full-service sustainable tree care company offering residential and commercial tree services in Dallas, Argyle, Denton, Fort Worth, Flower Mound, Southlake, and Westlake. Contact our Dallas tree care specialists at (817) 592-6846 and enjoy tailored tree care advice and the best tree health services in North Texas! 


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