Grapevine’s Guide to Handling Tree Storm Damage

Date December 07, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Grapevine is no stranger to thunderstorms, especially those with intense wind, rain, and lightning. Since thunderstorms can happen in any season, property owners need to learn how to protect their trees when they occur. Trees that experience storm damage become weakened and may have extensive issues that continue if they don’t receive treatment right away. This guide explains how property owners should handle tree storm damage in Grapevine, including how to respond when trees become damaged during a thunderstorm and what steps to take to prevent it from happening in the future.

Danger of Storm Damage to Trees

Image via Flickr by madaise

Thunderstorms can pose many dangers to trees exposed to inclement weather. For example, torrential rain interrupts tree growth, as too much water floods the root system and stalls the amount of water and nutrients brought up through the trunk. Since thunderstorms often feature harsh winds, there’s also a danger of the tree’s crown suffering damage, such as branches cracking off or leaves blowing free, leaving the limbs bare. This type of damage can be detrimental to a tree, as a tree that loses more than half of its branches may struggle to thrive for another full season.

How To Respond to Storm-Damaged Trees

There are a few steps property owners can take right away to respond to tree storm damage in Grapevine or surrounding areas. They should first thoroughly inspect their trees for any obvious signs of damage, such as broken limbs, branches blown bare by winds, and wounds in the trunk or limbs from lightning or projectiles. Taking safety precautions, such as wearing goggles and protective headgear, is essential in case of falling hazards. If there are signs of serious storm damage, an ISA-certified arborist can assist property owners with treatment and repairs.

How To Prevent Future Storm Damage in Trees

One of the most effective ways to prevent storm damage in the future is to carefully prune a tree throughout the year so it maintains a strong center of gravity and good branch angles. Pruning involves removing branches that grow exceptionally long, as these can negatively impact a tree’s balance, making it more likely for its limbs to break or its trunk to split during a thunderstorm.

Property owners can also prevent more storm damage by routinely checking trees for pests and tree disease and treating any they find right away. Doing so ensures trees remain strong, as pests and diseases can weaken a tree from the inside out, making it more susceptible to storm damage.

How TreeNewal Can Help Handle Your Storm Damage

These are just a few reasons why property owners must consider their trees and potential storm damage when the next thunderstorm rolls in. Use these tips to protect your trees from future storm damage, and hire a professional tree care company like TreeNewal after a thunderstorm. Our team of certified arborists can help you with tree trimming and removal, pruning any damaged trees to ensure their continued health and beauty. We also provide services such as soil enrichment, tree mitigation, and insect management, so contact us to find out how we can assist you.