Innovative Tree Care Techniques in Southlake

Date January 11, 2024

Author TreeNewal Staff

Aside from standard practices, such as proper planting, mulching, and timely watering, arborists use various innovative methods to foster tree health and longevity. At TreeNewal, we pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability and efficacious tree care. Here are some of our Southlake tree care techniques to help keep our green spaces lush and vibrant.


Image via Unsplash by Arnaud Mesureur

TreeNewal, uses MitoGrow, a broad-spectrum biostimulant that’s 100% water-dispersible and contains fertilizers that are proven to promote tree health. It works by enhancing the metabolic processes that trees naturally undergo. More specifically, it promotes root hair development and cell growth, which helps ensure speedier growth and greater resilience, even amid the drought conditions that are common to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
Compared with traditional methods of stimulating growth, TreeNewal’s blended fertilizer with

MitoGrow offers a range of advantages, including:

  • Faster tree growth and greater resilience and resistance to disease
  • Eco-friendliness (through a decreased need for additional chemical agents)
  • Sustained-release fertilization that delivers nutrients for up to a year
  • A low-maintenance solution requiring only a once-per-year application


Another soil-enhancement product that TreeNewal uses is biochar. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, biochar is a carbon-rich substance derived from organic waste or biomass that has been “partially combusted in the presence of limited oxygen.” In other words, it’s a type of charcoal with agricultural applications. The biochar TreeNewal uses comes from renewable southern yellow pine and is a qualified product under the federal BioPreferred Program. When applied to soil, it introduces essential nutrients and helpful microorganisms that maximize a tree’s potential for growth and survival.


AirSpade is a manufacturer of excavation tools commonly used by arborists, including the ISA-certified members of the TreeNewal team. AirSpade tools use compressed air to clear soil, mulch, and other debris from a tree’s base. They offer a fast and noninvasive solution in a variety of applications, including:

  • Tree health analysis: Using an AirSpade tool, an arborist can examine a tree’s root flare, which is where the trunk intersects with the root tissue. This part of a tree reveals valuable information about its overall health.
  • Soil health/condition analysis: An arborist can also analyze soil health by observing how it behaves on removal with an AirSpade device. For example, if the soil appears compressed, it could indicate poor conditions for tree growth.
  • Tree transplantation: AirSpade tools allow arborists to expose a tree’s roots without damaging them, facilitating safe pruning, removal, and replanting.
  • Soil decompaction: AirSpade decompaction devices can also fix compacted soil in several ways. For example, in vertical mulching, an arborist uses a tool to create vertical tunnels that are then filled with compost, while in radial trenching, an arborist creates trenches that branch out from the root flare like an asterisk before backfilling with compost.

TreeNewal’s arborists have a wealth of experience and knowledge and can help diagnose, treat, and maintain trees in Southlake and across the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Because they’re certified through the International Society of Arboriculture, you can be sure that you’re getting the best and most knowledgeable consultation possible. Homeowners are invited to call 817-329-2450 or complete our online inquiry form to discover how our innovative and sustainable tree care methods can help them maintain or revive the arboriculture on their property.