The Value of Arborist Consultations in Arlington

Date April 19, 2024

Author TreeNewal Staff

In Arlington, trees play an important role in the city’s beauty, environmental health, and quality of life. To keep these trees and the surrounding plant life happy and healthy, it’s helpful to bring in a certified arborist to provide a consultation. An experienced arborist can determine potential tree issues, create maintenance plans, and carry out these plans to preserve tree health. This guide offers a few key benefits of getting arborist consultations in Arlington to maintain and improve trees.

Professional Tree Health Care

Image via Flickr by temporalata

Trees, especially native mature ones, can appear easy to keep healthy. Even if they’re a little more low maintenance than some other greenery, they still benefit from regular assessments to ensure they thrive. ISA-certified arborists have the expertise, training, and experience to provide the best tree care plans.

During a consultation, they carefully inspect the tree and the surrounding area to determine its overall health. They often perform soil or leaf tests to see whether it needs additional nutrients or if disease is present. In addition, they may recommend pruning and mulching to ensure the overall tree structure is sturdy and to encourage healthy growth.

Exceptional Safety Standards

Safety is paramount when it comes to handling tree maintenance. Even healthy trees can pose a threat, with branches or limbs growing over power lines. ISA-certified arborists undergo rigorous training to ensure they can handle every aspect of consultations and care plans with the utmost attention. They train on general safety, power tools, climbing, electrical hazards, and more to reduce potential threats to trees, property, and people. Working with an arborist is one of the best ways to limit potential liabilities, especially if the tree has dangerous branches overhanging a property.

Expert Landscape Planning

Trees are a great way to beautify a landscape and provide shade for plants and structures. It’s important to plant trees in areas where they can grow without getting too close to power lines, sidewalks, fences, and easements. During a consultation, an arborist can suggest the best areas to plant to avoid these issues while considering ecological needs and site conditions. Arborists can also recommend the best tree types based on Arlington’s approved tree list, the soil type, and the landscaping goals. Additionally, they can advise how mature trees on the property fit into the landscape’s bigger picture.

Arborist consultations play a pivotal role in nurturing and preserving the urban greenery of Arlington, Texas. At TreeNewal, we take pride in our ISA-certified arborists and the expert consultations we provide. We are committed to client satisfaction and safety, and we also consider Arlington’s urban canopy during all our consultations. Our mission is to ensure we help maintain and grow Arlington’s green space initiatives to build a happier, healthier city. Contact us today to set up an arborist consultation to get expert recommendations for your trees and landscape.