In The News

Date August 09, 2017


Author TreeNewal Staff

Southlake Style and the Cross Timbers Gazette recently featured TreeNewal and the amazing results that we are seeing with our methods.

Here is an excerpt from the Southlake Style article:
…“We use a root-aeration process with a patented IBA pellet used to promote cell division in root hairs,” said Gaona in a press release. “This helps trees and their root systems by optimizing their ability to intake water and nutrients. TreeNewal works to help trees reclaim their health, rather than removing them.”…

Read the full article here: Southlake Style article


Here is an excerpt from the Cross Timbers Gazette article:
…Trees can be the focal point of any residence or business, however trees in urban environments require more care than in nature. The lifespan of these trees are often much shorter due to stressors such as soil compaction, root cutting, or watering issues. The only solution before was to replace the trees after they died. This can cost a homeowner or business thousands of dollars….

Read the full article here: Cross Timbers Gazette article