Advanced Techniques for Tree Preservation Argyle

Date April 19, 2024

Author TreeNewal Staff

Argyle, Texas, sees its fair share of sunny days, making tree preservation critical to maintaining the health of the local environment. Tree preservation includes planning for, maintaining, and removing trees with the overall health of the surrounding environment in mind. TreeNewal offers advanced techniques and sustainable development considerations for tree preservation. This guide outlines tree preservation in detail and explains how Argyle residents can play an active role in supporting their green spaces so they can enjoy thriving trees for generations.

Conservation and Sustainable Development Considerations

Image via Unsplash by David Banning

Pre-construction considerations are an integral part of tree preservation. Before breaking ground on new buildings or developments in Argyle, residents should consider some key elements to promote the health of their green spaces and set up their trees for success. Conducting a tree inventory — meaning getting a firm idea of what’s around the property — can provide insight into how adding or removing trees from the property might affect the health of the surrounding environment. This can guide planning, design, and initial preservation efforts to minimize the potential negative side effects of construction or landscaping.

Some other considerations include:

  • Affected trees.
  • Utility paths.
  • Building information.
  • Expected utility usage.
  • Alternative designs.

Advanced Tree Preservation Techniques

Learning about advanced tree preservation techniques can make the difference between trees lasting for just a few seasons or lasting for generations. A tree preservation plan provides a detailed guide that finds a compromise between the environment and construction. It shows the relationship between the two, allowing developers to remove trees that won’t affect the overall health of the local environment. Some techniques that can help promote environmentally conscious construction and tree preservation include:

  • Repairing soil structure with vertical mulching.
  • Removing fill when it’s safe.
  • Avoiding structural fill where possible.
  • Replacing damaged soil.
  • Testing and fertilizing soil.
  • Pruning tree damage.
  • Irrigating impacted trees.

Post Construction Tips

Once construction is complete, there are still many things property owners can do to promote preservation and growth. To help trees to recover from nearby construction, property owners should:

  • Keep competitive plants away to ensure trees get all the nutrients and water they need.
  • Use mulch to help retain moisture and provide additional nutrients.
  • Avoid additional soil compaction to ensure proper aeration.
  • Irrigate and fertilize trees, especially ones that were damaged during construction.

After construction, it’s up to property owners to cultivate their green spaces. This means giving trees all they need to thrive and grow. If you’re a home or property owner looking to maintain your trees, give the experts at TreeNewal a call to set your trees up for success. Our ISA-certified arborists have the skills and expertise to analyze your trees and identify ways to improve their health so you can enjoy them for years to come. From tree removal to soil aeration, our team can help you with all your tree needs.