Maximizing Safety and Aesthetics: A Guide to Expert Tree Trimming in Southlake, TX

Date June 08, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Trimming is an important part of tree care. It involves removing certain branches to boost the tree’s appearance, health, and safety. Trimming can be a dangerous task, however, and must be done properly to be effective. Here’s why residential and commercial property owners should rely on professional tree trimming services to care for their Southlake trees.


Image via Flickr by jjes84

Trees can become safety hazards if they’re not trimmed properly. Diseased, damaged, and dead branches can fall on people, power lines, cars, and structures if not removed promptly. Weak trees and branches can also fall during thunderstorms, ice storms, and strong winds. A professional arborist can assess the trees on a property to ensure they’re safe. They have the knowledge to identify diseased limbs and potential problem areas before they become dangerous.

Professional tree trimmers have the skills, tools, and experience to remove branches safely. Trimming often involves working at great heights or near power lines, which amateurs should not attempt.


Trees can make a property more beautiful when trimmed and shaped for both sound structure and visual appeal. Tree trimming professionals know how to accomplish this feat without removing too many branches or damaging the tree. They have the skills to train branches to grow in certain directions and to make precise cuts so all parts of the tree receive even sunlight, which encourages even growth.

Tree Health

Trimming improves tree health by ridding the tree of damaged, diseased, or dying branches. Doing so allows the tree to focus its nutrients and energy on healthy growth. A tree trimming professional can evaluate trees for signs of pest infestation, disease, and structurally unsound branches. They’ll make selective cuts to remove the at-risk limbs, leaving the healthy ones to thrive. They can identify which parts of the tree aren’t getting enough sunlight and thin out the dense branch clusters. When working with young trees, they can trim strategically to improve the tree’s shape and stability.

Pest Control

Trees are often home to insects and pests such as ants, termites, and rodents that can gain access to homes and businesses through roofs and openings. Professional tree trimmers know the signs of infestation and can remove the affected branches to eliminate pest habitats. They also know which parts of a tree, such as damaged trunks and branches, are most likely to attract pests and can remove them before critters take up residence. Further, they can safely trim branches growing near or up against buildings to minimize the chances of pests gaining access through windows and roofs.

Cost Savings

Routine maintenance is much less expensive than repairing damage from fallen limbs and trees. By hiring a professional tree trimmer to assess trees regularly, property owners can avoid more serious and costly tree pruning or removal in the future. They might also benefit financially from better curb appeal when selling their home.
Tree trimming is part of maintaining a healthy and attractive property. Businesses and homeowners can benefit from hiring a Southlake tree company to assess their trees and perform the necessary services. Contact our team of certified arborists at TreeNewal to schedule expert tree trimming today.