All-In-One Care: How Pruning, Watering, and Fertilization Services Shape Flower Mound’s Tree Health

Date July 17, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

With the summer Texas heat in full force, it’s more important than ever to think about tree health in Flower Mound. Effective tree care can make all the difference in keeping trees healthy and beautiful. This involves regular watering, careful pruning, and thoughtful fertilization. Learn how to care for your trees this year, and consider how a professional tree care company can help you keep your trees in the best shape possible.

Image via Flickr by Maarten1979


Pruning can contribute to a tree’s health and overall appearance. There are various reasons to prune a tree, such as to prevent overgrowth and facilitate the production of fruits and flowers. For example, pruning can remove any parts of the plant that show signs of disease or decay, such as dead or pest-infested branches.

Some people also use pruning to change the visual aesthetic of a tree by trimming its branches into a decorative shape. Whatever the reason, pruning can help a tree grow healthily and recover from the damage it may have incurred over time.


Trees use water to complete photosynthesis, like many other plants. They derive nutrients from absorbing water, allowing them to dissolve elements important to their health into a digestible form. The proper watering of trees can lead to strong branches and lush leaves, and it can also help reduce the harmful impacts of water loss that can affect a tree’s health. Especially in areas that experience drought, it’s key to water trees once per day when they’re newly planted and at least once per week as the tree grows.


While trees get m of their nutrients from photosynthesis, they also benefit from regular fertilization. The added power of fertilizer can help trees form a resistance to pests and diseases that affect plant health. Using fertilizer can also ensure a tree gets the proper nutrients in areas where soil deficiencies reduce the effectiveness of simple watering.

Before fertilizing a tree, it’s essential to check for root damage. This is because trees typically need time to recover from damage so they can re-establish new roots. Older trees that have grown strongly may not require frequent fertilization, but they can still benefit from fertilizer every few years.

How a Professional Tree Company like TreeNewal Can Help

When considering tree maintenance, it’s beneficial to use a professional company that specializes in tree care. The team at TreeNewal promotes healthy and beautiful trees through careful fertilization, watering, and pruning, knowing exactly which types of fertilizer or what kind of pruning your tree needs. TreeNewal can also help to revive trees damaged by weather or lack of proper care. Reach out to the team at TreeNewal today and let us know how we can give your trees the care they need.