Keeping Trees & Shrubs Healthy This Spring in Flower Mound

Date May 25, 2021

Author TreeNewal Staff

Flower Mound has bravely undertaken the goal of making a difference globally through its Go Green Flower Mound initiative, so spring in Flower Mound is a beautiful and exciting time. After waving winter goodbye, there are some important things Flower Mound property owners can do to kick the year off right and keep their trees and shrubs as healthy as possible. Below is a list of TreeNewal’s spring tree care tips for keeping your residential or commercial property glowing and growing this time of year.

Check your trees for winter damage.

Homeowners in Flower Mound are still dealing with winter damage due to the big freeze in February. Understanding the extent of the damage is essential to your trees and shrubs’ future health and sustainability. By now, your trees and shrubs should have leafed out for the year. That gives you a chance to assess their healthfully. If you notice a few dead leaves or even a couple of dead branches, there’s probably no need to worry. That happens even on healthy trees and shrubs. However, if a large percentage of your tree’s leaves are discolored, dying, or dead, you should call a certified arborist immediately. You should also check for any external damage, such as broken or damaged branches, cracks in the trunks, or missing patches of bark.

Why is this important?

When adverse environmental conditions like harsh weather damage trees and shrubs, it causes them stress. The damage alone, if it’s severe enough, could kill your tree. But even if the damage doesn’t kill your trees or shrubs, it compromises their health and makes them vulnerable to secondary problems like pests, fungus, or disease, which in turn could deal your trees or shrubs a fatal blow. Keeping your trees healthy is the key to improving their long-term sustainability.

Monitor for spring pests and diseases

Whether you think your trees have been damaged by winter weather or not, monitoring your trees and shrubs throughout the season for pests and diseases is an essential part of routine tree care. Some pests and diseases overwinter in trees and reinfect the tree or shrub in early spring. If that’s the case, you’ll see signs as soon as your trees and shrubs begin to leaf out or bloom. However, the symptoms might not get serious until later in the year. You must call a certified arborist immediately if you notice any signs of pests, disease, fungus, or other ailments. Many pests are visible to the naked eye. It would help if you also were on the lookout for eggs and larvae. Some pests create the entrance and exit holes in the trunk or tunnels under the bark, so routinely check your tree for those. Also, take note if you see discolored, spotted, or malformed leaves. If you notice any of these signs, TreeNewal’s tree doctors can visit your property to make an assessment and determine a customized tree care plan.

Check the balance of your soil.

Spring is the optimal time for soil testing and conditioning. Trees and shrubs need proper nutrition to grow healthy, strong, and beautiful like all living things. They get nutrition from the soil surrounding their roots, so you can ensure your trees and shrubs are getting a proper diet by knowing your soil’s physical and chemical properties. If that sounds intimidating, don’t worry! There are resources available to help. Start with a soil test to check your soil’s condition and determine if and how to amend it. To do that, contact the nearest accredited soil testing laboratory or extension service, and they will provide you with instructions and kits for performing a soil test. Alternatively, you can hire a certified arborist to examine your soil and recommend the best soil health plan for your specific property, soil type, drainage conditions, and trees. Reach out to TreeNewal’s Flower Mound team for an appointment. Assessing and managing soil health is one of the many important tree services we provide.

Protect your trees and shrubs by mulching

Once you’ve taken the time to balance your soil, you can protect it from drying out by adding a layer of mulch. Mulch keeps nutrients and moisture in the soil, acting like a protective layer from the weather. Spring is a good time to mulch your flower beds, trees, and shrubs to anticipate the upcoming summer heat and drought. Summer, like winter, can cause your trees stress and potential damage. Mulching protects their roots from sustaining damage during days — or sometimes weeks — of relentless Texas sunshine. Just be careful not to over-mulch your beds or trees, which can deoxygenate your soil and cause other problems. Mulch should only be about two inches thick, and remember to keep it away from the base of your trees and shrubs.

Other important spring tree care tasks

Trimming and pruning: Now is generally a good time to prune your trees in Flower Mound. However, some trees, such as Oak trees, shouldn’t be pruned during spring. Do a little research about your specific trees and shrubs to determine the best time for pruning or trimming. Most mature trees don’t need yearly pruning, but you should trim away any damaged, diseased, or dead branches. Pruning is a tricky task that’s best left to professionals, so consider working with one of TreeNewal’s Flower Mound tree surgeons for this part of your spring tree maintenance.

Supplemental watering: Your trees might not need any supplemental watering during the spring since it’s the time of the year when Flower Mound receives the most rainfall. However, it’s still a good idea to monitor weather events and your soil to ensure it’s not getting too dry. As a general rule, your soil should be moist but not water-logged. However, be wary of standing water as water-logged soil can be deadly for trees and shrubs, especially when they’re young.

TreeNewal’s ISA Certified Arborists are here to help!

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