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Have Tree Leaf Spots?

Tree leaf spots are one of the first warning signs you may see that tells you your tree has a tree disease. To protect tree health, it’s important that you call our Flowermound tree doctors right away when you notice tree leaf spots. When you have our ISA-certified arborists visit your property, we’ll inspect your tree health, determine whether or not your tree has a tree disease, and come up with a treatment plan to revive your tree’s health and prevent further limb loss.

About TreeNewal

At TreeNewal, our ISA-Certified Arborists have 15 years of experience assessing tree health and providing tree maintenance for Flowermound homeowners and property managers. We’re in the business because we love the North Texas landscape. Our founder, Jorge, grew up with a father who worked in the Dallas metro area’s landscaping industry, and he developed a deep love of the outdoors at a young age. After studying trees and becoming an ISA-certified arborist, he founded TreeNewal so he could help property owners and managers just like you manage tree health so that your trees can be strong, healthy, and beautiful for years to come.

Our Services

At TreeNewal, we provide a full range of tree care services to Flowermound, Texas homeowners and property managers. Our services include:

Tree Doctors – We assess tree health and diagnose and treat tree disease. Our goal is to do everything we can to revive diseased trees back to a healthy state.

Tree Surgeons – If you have a damaged tree we can perform immediate limb removal to make sure that broken or falling limbs don’t become a hazard to the people or structures on your property.

Tree Emergency Response Team – Whether you have a tree that is falling or has already fallen, such as during a storm, we can quickly come to your property to take emergency measures to keep the people and structures on your property safe.

Tree Maintenance – We offer seasonal tree pruning to promote healthy tree growth and tree nutrition services.

Tree Installation – New trees need to be planted properly in order to thrive and avoid pest infestations. We plant new trees to make sure they grow healthy and strong.

Tree Removal – Sometimes a tree needs to be removed because it’s a hazard or you are expanding a property, deck, or patio. Whatever your unique need, we can completely remove your tree for you.

Why Choose Us

Treating a diseased tree isn’t a great do-it-yourself task. You need an experienced, ISA-certified arborist to properly diagnose the tree disease and come up with a proper treatment plan.

With 15 years of experience caring for trees in Flowermound, we are extremely knowledgeable about the trees that grow in our area, and the types of tree diseases that affect them. When you choose to call us out when you have tree leaf spots, we draw on those years of experience to assess your tree’s health, determine what disease it has, and formulate a plan of action.

Our Commitment To Quality

While we want to help you assess your tree’s current state of health, we also want to be your lifelong partner for all your tree maintenance and tree care needs. Our Flowermound tree doctors will arrive at your property with a smile on their faces, ready to do whatever work is necessary to save your tree, all while providing you with excellent customer service.


If you suspect your tree has a tree disease, you need our Flowermound tree doctors. We’ll assess your tree’s health, determine how to revive your tree, and how to prevent further limb loss.

Call us today at (817) 533-8438.

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