Can Deep Root Fertilization Save Unhealthy North Texas Trees?

Date February 03, 2023


Author TreeNewal Staff

If you’ve noticed that your trees aren’t as healthy as they used to be, you’re not alone. Inconsistent weather patterns, construction activity, and environmental pressures threaten tree health across the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. However, there is something you can do to help them recover and thrive once again. Deep root fertilization is a great way to revitalize struggling trees and help them get back on track. In this blog post, we’ll explain how deep root fertilization can help stressed trees.

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Do Dallas Trees Need Root Fertilizer?

All landscape plants in North Texas need a steady supply of nutrients to grow and stay healthy. Dallas/Fort Worth soil typically lacks many nutrients and minerals required for optimal plant health, leading to nutrient deficiencies, reduced vigor, stunted growth, and weakened trees. When it comes to fertilizing trees and shrubs in DFW, ISA Certified Arborists recommend deep root fertilization.

What is Deep Root Fertilization? 

Deep tree root fertilization is a professional application technique that uses high-pressure equipment to inject liquid fertilizer into the root zone of trees and shrubs. This method is highly beneficial to North Texas trees and shrubs showing signs of decline as it can restore their health and vitality and promotes root development.

Should You Fertilize Struggling Trees in Dallas? 

Typically, using high nitrogen  tree fertilizers to give stressed plants an extra boost isn’t recommended. They can stimulate leaf production and increase the need for water, creating additional stress and competition for scarce resources. However, an ISA Certified Arborist can create a specialized fertilizer blend tailored to the needs of your trees and shrubs and apply it directly to the roots, where it can be the most effective and beneficial for your plant’s health.

How Does Deep Root Fertilizer Help Stressed Trees?

Deep root fertilization helps trees and shrubs absorb more nutrients from the soil, improving their health and vigor. It restores the essential nutrients that may have been lost in the soil throughout the seasons. Since root fertilization enables trees and shrubs to absorb and store nutrients more effectively, their chances of survival are significantly higher.

Granulatedfertilizer applied to the soil surface may not reach down into the tree’s root system depending on what’s growing around your trees, whether your soil is compacted, and the level of your tree’s development. Granular-based fertilizers can wash away by rain or wind, whereas deep root fertilization puts the much-needed nutrients right where they’re needed in a liquid form that’s much easier for the tree to absorb. The results are also noticeably faster!

Deep Root Fertilization Combats Soil Compaction

Soil compaction causes a tree’s ability to absorb and retain water and contributes to lower nutrient levels in the soil. Deep root fertilization helps loosen compacted soil and gives the roots room to move and grow. Additionally, professional application by a DFW tree doctor improves soil aeration and drainage, enabling trees to absorb water, oxygen, and essential nutrients.

Does My Tree Need Deep Root Fertilization? 

Struggling trees and shrubs are the prime candidate for deep root fertilization, but this technique can also be part of your regular tree care maintenance plan. Signs of declining and at-risk trees include:

  • Stunted or minimal tree growth
  • Defoliation
  • Yellowing or discolored leaves
  • Leaf scorch
  • Canopy dieback

If your landscape plants exhibit any of these signs, call (817) 592-6846 immediately. Doing so can save your tree’s life!

ISA Certified Arborist Tree Care Services 

Don’t wait until you see signs of stress before contacting a TreeNewal tree doctor for a consultation. Our ISA Certified Arborists are experts at diagnosing tree health and can safely and effectively perform necessary treatments, like deep root fertilization, to restore their vigor. Once the symptoms are visible, it’s often too late since most tree problems originate underground, below the soil surface.

As for the best fertilizer for North Texas trees, it’s one that’s customized to the specific needs of your trees and shrubs. Every fertilization performed by TreeNewal’s professional tree doctors is tailored to the needs of your plants with the help of soil testing. Give our tree experts a call at (817) 592-6846.

How Our Dallas Tree Doctors Can Help 

As a sustainable tree care company, TreeNewal is committed to promoting and restoring Dallas tree health. Our ISA Certified Arborists and tree care specialists are experts at diagnosing stressed tree symptoms and providing comprehensive treatment and maintenance services. We only use the highest quality fertilizers and specialized equipment to offer our clients lasting benefits and protect their investments. Whether you need tree fertilizer services, tree pruning, soil conditioning, insect and disease management, or more, TreeNewal tree doctors are here to help. Get in touch today and see how we can improve your landscape!