The Best Trees for Fort Worth

Date November 10, 2020


Author TreeNewal Staff

Fort Worth is a special part of Texas. Not many regions of the Lone Star State get to enjoy the variety of all four seasons and the gorgeous colors that come with each. It takes special tree care to develop the landscapes of Northern Texas because not all types of trees are suited for the unique climate of Fort Worth.

As you customize your landscape, consider selecting trees that will not only survive the climate of Fort Worth but thrive in it. After all, your landscape is more than just a property–it’s a living ecosystem. Its beauty largely depends on how well its trees are cared for. The happier and healthier your trees are, the more beautiful your landscape.

We’ve narrowed down to six of the best trees to include in your Fort Worth landscape.

1. Chinquapin Oak (Chinkapin Oak)

We’re kicking off our list of best trees for Fort Worth with a North Texas native. Chinquapin Oaks are easy to find in tree nurseries and generally don’t have much trouble with drought, disease, fungus, or pests. The tallest recorded Chinquapin Oak in the Fort Worth Area was over 85 feet tall, with a crown spread exceeding 70 feet!

2. Cedar Elm

Smaller yards need shade too! That’s where a Cedar elm may suit you better than a large oak. Cedar elms are low maintenance trees that tolerate drought and heavy rainfall alike. They’re also not picky about soil, including compact soils. Fully grown Cedar Elms tend to reach a height between 40 and 50 feet, and in autumn, their leaves turn a gorgeous golden yellow.

3. Shumard Red Oak

The Shumard red oak is one of the largest species of oak, making it excellent for large yards looking for shade. Shumard red oaks grow over 100 feet tall and can live up to 200 years. The Shumard oak is named after Benjamin Franklin Shumard, who organized the first comprehensive geological survey of Texas.

4. Live Oak

A staple of Fort Worth and Northern Texas, live oaks are popular due to being extremely low maintenance. Since Live oaks are evergreen trees, they don’t shed their leaves in the fall and “live” through winter, hence the name. What’s the catch? It’s notoriously difficult to grow grass under them. Shade plays a factor in that, and so does the Live oak’s root system.

5. Bald Cypress

Known for their stately look, Bald cypress trees have long been a staple for parks and urban landscaping and are becoming popular among homeowners as hedges and privacy screens. Bald cypress trees are unique in that they are deciduous conifers, which means they shed their needle-like leaves in the fall, and that’s how they became known as “bald.” They’re also known for being hardy trees that grow straight up and can handle changes in weather.

6. Lacey Oak

The Lacey oak, also known as the canyon oak, blue oak, smoky oak, and rock oak, by any name is just as beautiful. The “Texas Superstar” is known for its unique blue-green foliage and ability to thrive in most Texas environments, especially Northern and Eastern Texas. Lacey oaks are small-to-medium-size deciduous trees that shed leaves in the fall and usually grow between 50 and 70 feet tall. They fit well in small and large yards alike.

Fort Worth Tree Care Services by TreeNewal

We love all trees! The “Best Trees For Fort Worth” mentioned above are just some of the many hardy trees that thrive in our climate. We’d love to help you take care of any of the trees you already have or want to grow. ISA Certified Arborists provide a wide variety of Fort Worth tree care services, including:

  • Fort Worth Tree Trimming

The best time for tree pruning is mid-fall to late spring when the trees are dormant. Proper tree pruning helps your tree maintain a great shape, grow healthily, and guard against disease and infestation. It’s best to have an ISA Certified Arborist help with tree pruning or tree removal because they have all the tools and training to get the job done quickly and safely.

  • Tree Nutrition

Trees should be fertilized consistently and thoughtfully. We offer a special blend of fertilizer for Fort Worth trees, created by our very own ISA Certified Arborists. If needed, we can also handle root aeration, which helps trees spread their roots and replenish nutrients.

  • Tree Health Inspections

If you suspect you have an unhealthy tree, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re happy to perform a proper health inspection for your trees. Once we determine the health of your tree, we come up with a personal treatment plan to bring diseased trees back to health. If your tree has an infestation, we will handle it with environmentally responsible insect control whenever possible.

  • Tree Removal

When it comes time to remove a tree, make sure you work with a properly insured professional, like our ISA Certified Arborists. We also take care of stump removal, so you can get the tree removal project over in one simple step!

  • Emergency Tree Services

Storms come and go, but TreeNewal is always in Fort Worth to take care of any Emergency Tree services. If you have a storm-damaged tree with falling limbs or a tree that has completely fallen, give us a call, and we’ll stabilize the situation.

We Can Help You Maintain the Best Trees in Fort Worth

We love and care for all trees that grow in the Fort Worth area! Homeowners and commercial property owners count on us for all their tree maintenance needs. From nourishing your trees with our own special blend of fertilizer to tree pruning in season, nothing makes us happier than seeing happy trees and happy customers.

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