How Can I Save a Diseased Tree?

Date April 23, 2020


Author TreeNewal Staff

Trees under significant environmental stress can become susceptible to disease. It can be heartbreaking to witness a tree you’ve spent a lot of time and effort planting become diseased.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to save a diseased tree and this is because of several reasons. To begin with, people don’t normally recognize when a tree is diseased until there are clear signs. This means that it may be too late to start treatment.

In addition, the disease spreads fast in trees. There aren’t many ways to treat a diseased tree that is already doomed to die. Diseased trees post a significant risk for property owners.

In the proximity of other trees, the disease can spread and kill its neighbors. Also, depending on the size of the tree, a dying tree can eventually fall and damage property. This can ultimately endanger lives and put thousands of dollars of the property value at risk.

With that said, your main focus should be to prevent the onset of disease in your trees. Following this guide will present you with effective ways of reducing the chances of disease.

Keep Weed Fertilizer Away from Trees

Weeds can be an eyesore on your lawn and compete with trees and other desired plants for water and associated nutrients. This is why countless property owners use weed killers and fertilizers to eliminate the presence of weeds and fertilize surrounding grass.

These products help to kill weeds and undo all of its damage in the affected area. The common ingredient in weed fertilizers is atrazine. This chemical is used to effectively kill weeds.

It can also destroy other living plants like trees. As such, refrain from using these products near trees. If you sight any weeds near your trees, put forth the time and effort of removing them manually.

Don’t Use Mulch Excessively

Mulch is a vital ingredient to the soil to increase moisture conservation, reduce weed growth, enhance the visual appearance of the area, and improve its health and fertility. Though, when used incorrectly, mulch can be counterproductive to the growth of your trees.

If you decide to use mulch around your tree, you should leave some space around the trunk to let the tree breathe. Doing this will also prevent the trunk from rotting under the layer of mulch.

Try Hand Trimming for Exposed Roots

Exposed roots are like wounds in the human body. Over time, the disease can form in these roots and spread throughout the entire mass. This can lead to significant consequences later on if you aren’t aware.

In any case, if your tree has any exposed roots, try manually trimming them down. Using a lawnmower or another sharp blade can create more wounds that can be problematic down the road.

When trimming, be sure to take your time and avoid making any large incisions that can further damage the tree. It may take a bit more time and effort, but making these cuts are important to impede the development of the disease.

Water Your Trees When Necessary

Sometimes, trees can’t survive on their own. In the event that a drought takes place, how else are trees supposed to receive the water they need to survive? Some people may scoff at the idea of watering a tree because it doesn’t seem logical for the water to reach the deep roots of the tree.

However, during a drought, tree roots move closer to the surface to soak up any water it can locate. You can save the life of your tree by watering it during a drought.

Practice Proper Pruning Habits

Pruning your trees is necessary, but it isn’t always easy. Depending on the exact species, you may have to engage in a custom pruning regiment to keep them healthy. This is because excessive or improper pruning can damage trees.

This happens as pruning can create wounds in trees, opening up spots where disease can develop and spread. Therefore, it’s extremely important that you practice sufficient pruning habits to avoid sabotaging your own trees.

Make sure that you speak to an ISA-Certified Arborist to gain more insight on how every specific tree on your property should be pruned.

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