Why Should I Hire a Professional Tree Trimmer?

Date November 19, 2020


Author TreeNewal Staff

Tree trimming sounds a lot simpler than it actually is. It’s easy to think of tree trimming as a haircut for trees, but looks can be deceiving. In reality, the analogy doesn’t hold up because we don’t use our hair to make food. A tree’s life depends on how well it’s able to balance energy in its branches, and professional tree trimmers are the difference between helping and hindering a tree’s efforts to stay healthy.

That’s why people often refer to our ISA Certified Arborists as tree surgeons rather than tree barbers. While tree trimming can make your tree look nicer the way a haircut does, there’s a lot more at stake with tree trimming than getting a haircut. The life of your tree, the safety of your property, and how much money and effort you have to spend maintaining your trees can all depend on how well the tree trimmer knows where to cut. If you want the job done right, it’s important to work with someone who cuts with precision.

Tree Surgeons Save Trees

Tree branches are to trees what storefronts are to a business–you need to invest energy in creating and maintaining a store, and in return, the store makes a profit. If one store isn’t producing well, it can become a drain on the business. Sometimes the store just needs some tweaks, and sometimes it’s best to close that store and focus on maintaining the others. Would you trust the advice of a DIY business consultant? A professional would know the best course of action.

Professional Tree Trimmers Help Keep Your Property Safe

Believe it or not, left to their own devices, trees will try to trim themselves. When a tree “decides” to sacrifice a limb, it starts diverting less and less energy towards that limb. The limb dries out, becomes brittle, and eventually snaps off.

One problem is that this process happens too slowly to keep up with the fluctuating climate of North Texas. Most trees depend on human care to keep them safe through winter. The other problem is that trees don’t have a mind to keep your property safe.

Trees aren’t concerned with what (or who) that dead branch might fall on. They also aren’t very good about telling you when they plan to lose a limb, which limbs are vulnerable to storms, or which limbs are great habitats for pests.

A professional tree trimmer can notice early signs of sick trees and take proactive measures. An ISA Certified Arborist can tell you what risks you might be facing and what the best course of action would be to correct them. They also know exactly where to cut in order to help the branch heal, or they can tell if it’s best to remove the branch so the tree can focus its energies on maintaining its profitable stores, so to speak.

Get To The Root of The Problem

Professional tree trimmers don’t just handle limbs and branches, but also roots, which can puncture underground gas, electric, sewer, and water lines. Trees aren’t intentionally trying to wreak havoc on your property; they’re just trying to expand their roots and push through anything that happens to be in their way. A professional tree trimmer knows how to help guide roots in a different direction so the tree can still get its water and nutrients without damaging your utilities.

Don’t Worry About Tree Trimming Violations and Permits

If you’re planning on doing some tree trimming yourself, make sure you’re up to date with all of your local property laws, licensing requirements, zoning regulations, and protection ordinances. Even if you think the project might just be some simple tree trimming, it’s hard to stay on top of all the fine print that could get you in trouble for something. ISA Certified Arborists stay up-to-date with best practices in order to keep their certification, and if you hire a local professional tree trimmer, they’ll be sure to understand the lay of the land better than anyone else.

Plus, professional tree trimmers are insured so that their customers don’t take on any liability for the job. It’s worth the peace of mind to hire a professional tree trimmer.

Professional Tree Trimmers Keep You Safe

We saved the best reason for last: our top priority is your safety. Professional tree trimmers have access to tools and equipment that help them get the job done faster and safer than what most people have at home. You might think with a good ladder, anyone can trim a tree, but we always warn people an arborist with a ladder is actually a red flag. Professionals know that using a ladder is far more dangerous than using harnesses and aerial lifts.

A professional tree trimmer has certification and insurance for a good reason: it can be dangerous work. Especially if your tree is near power lines, or if the roots are too close to gas or sewer lines–we don’t even want to imagine what could go wrong.

Instead, let’s think about what could go right: you hire a professional tree trimmer and move on to the next project with a clear mind and a clear conscience.

Trust Professional Tree Trimmers To Look After Your Trees

You can’t trust your trees to have your best interests at heart, but you can trust your neighbors who want to make sure you, your family, and your property are all protected.

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