TreeNewal Partners with Developers, Builders and Homeowners

Date February 21, 2018


Author TreeNewal Staff

At TreeNewal LLC, we specialize in helping distressed trees flourish by solving tree issues at the source – the roots. We
believe it is our social responsibility to promote healthy trees and landscapes in urban environments, and the best part is
that we are not alone in that effort.

More and more home builders and developers are recognizing that preserving trees promotes conscientious land
development while increasing a project’s attractiveness, monetary value, and marketability by providing aesthetic and
functional benefits. That plan starts with a basic understanding of the health of trees and the soils that support trees, and
these developers and builders are proactive by utilizing a variety of tree care professionals in the initial planning stages of
projects. TreeNewal is excited to complement what developers and builders already are doing to be socially responsible.
We offer guidance while extending that relationship all the way through to the customer.

Partnering with Homebuilders and Developers – How it Works

TreeNewal’s existing list of builder and developer partnerships include Hat Creek Development, the Wilbow Corporation, Quail Hollow Development, Saddleback Ridge Estates, and Liberty Hills Farms Estate. It is through these organizations that we have become an integral piece of a process that also includes working with civil and structural engineers, city officials to determine minimum city requirements, and landscape architects. Our unique services include, but are not limited to:

• Protecting existing trees – Work with developers and landscape architects to ensure landscape design concepts works
with (rather than against) the needs of a specific tree;
• Planting trees – Use inventory from tree growers who take pride in developing a durable root ball;
• Tree removal;
• Trimming and Pruning;
• Consult with certified master arborists;
• Fertilization – The MitoGrow™ Pellet3-IA IBA(indole-3 butyric acid pellet) blended fertilizers promote root hair growth
and will help with this process;
• Work in concert with developers as they consult with the homeowner; and
• Make any additional recommendations, as needed

Partnering with Homeowners – How it works

TreeNewal offers solutions in the development process from the infancy stages; we have the luxury of seeing where a
homeowner’s house will sit within the development and tailor our recommendations to suit the individual needs of those
trees and landscapes. Our services include:
Working with the homeowner to allow choices for tree protection zones;
• Working with landscape companies and irrigation specialists to ensure trees are in separate zones;
• Fertilization – The MitoGrow™ Pellet3-IA IBA(indole-3 butyric acid pellet) blended fertilizers promote root hair growth
and will help with this process;
• Working with builders, structural engineers, city compliance, and landscape architects;
• Tree trimming and pruning;
• Planting, removal, and pesticide treatment;
• Make any additional recommendations, as needed

In a short period, TreeNewal became the go-to landscaper/arborist for builders, developers, and residential homeowners
who are looking for someone who is dedicated to their craft and has the resources to develop a landscape project from
beginning to end. They put their trust in us because we have proven we are more interested in doing right by the client –
and their landscapes.

For more information, visit or call tel:(817) 592-6846.