The 8 Most Effective Ways to Prevent Tree Diseases in North Texas

Date September 22, 2022

Author TreeNewal Staff

North Texas is home to many tree diseases that remain a pressing concern for homeowners. Long summers bring about drought and heat stress making trees vulnerable, while shady, wet conditions serve as a breeding ground for fungal and bacterial tree diseases to thrive. It’s essential that homeowners take proactive measures to prevent Dallas tree diseases from causing irreparable damage to their trees. In this blog post, we’ll cover the eight most effective ways to prevent tree diseases in North Texas. By following these tree care tips, you can help keep your trees healthy and looking their best!

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Common North Texas Tree Diseases

Dutch elm disease
• Fire blight
• Hypoxylon canker
• Leaf blight
Oak wilt
Powdery mildew

8 Tips to Prevent Tree Diseases

It’s much easier to prevent tree diseases than to treat them. Healthy, vigorous trees develop natural resistance to keep many tree pests and diseases at bay. Weakened trees recovering from stress are highly vulnerable, and the risk of infection and severity of the resulting damage increases. Maintaining tree health through proactive care and routine tree services can save your tree’s life.

1. Water your tree

Tree watering is essential for its survival. Watering deeply and thoroughly is vital for trees recovering from last season’s heat waves and drought conditions. Water your tree during the morning or evening, and ensure you provide consistent water out to the drip line.

2. Mulch

Organic mulch adds nutrients back to the soil, increases its mineral content, and increases its suppression of soil-borne tree diseases. However, over-mulching can lead to root diseases and create prime conditions for fungal pathogens to gain entry through constantly wet, decaying bark. When used in an informed way, mulch can aid plant health and suppress tree diseases and pests while encouraging tree growth.

3. Tree pruning

Pruning dead, decaying, or diseased branches can prevent the disease from spreading to other parts of the tree. If left unpruned, certain deadly tree diseases can spread quickly, causing the tree to decline and die. Always trust the expertise of a tree surgeon for tree pruning services, especially in cases of tree disease management.

4. Avoid mechanical damage

When doing yard work or construction, it’s important to pay careful attention to avoid damage to your trees. Tree bark is a natural barrier to protect its tissue and vascular system. Injuries to the bark leave the tree wounded and vulnerable, while open wounds are an entryway for fungal tree infections.

5. Clean up

Keeping your yard clean not only improves its appearance but helps to prevent tree disease. If you have confirmed a tree on your property is diseased, picking up and destroying fallen leaves and debris is imperative to minimize the risk of it spreading to nearby plants.

6. Soil care and tree nutrition

Healthy trees require healthy soil. Making sure your soil has enough nutrients and essential elements to maintain optimal plant health is the key to tree disease prevention. Fertilizing appropriately will also help your tree develop its resistance.

7. Watch for signs

Always keep a close eye and look for symptoms of tree stress. If you notice anything abnormal, immediately contact a Dallas tree care specialist for diagnosis. Doing so earlier rather than later is critical. A TreeNewal ISA Certified Arborist can also provide routine tree health assessments to ensure they’re always in great shape.

8. Be proactive

Being proactive about tree disease prevention involves selecting the right tree and keeping it healthy through routine tree care services.
Try to avoid planting trees that are susceptible to common North Texas tree diseases. Tree varieties native to North Texas, well-adapted to the local environment, and resistant to pests and diseases will give you more out of your investment and cause less trouble if properly maintained.

North Texas Tree Care

TreeNewal can help you keep your trees strong and healthy to resist many tree diseases in Texas through proactive care and regular maintenance. We offer tree trimming and pruning, nutrition and fertilization, tree health assessments, and more. If your tree is already infected, we provide tree disease management services to restore and promote lasting plant health. Our ISA Certified Arborists understand the local ecosystem and the North Texas tree diseases that can wreak havoc on our native trees. Contact us at (817) 592-6846 and enjoy industry-leading tree care and customer service.


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