How Proactive Tree Services Protect North Texas Trees During Construction

Date November 09, 2022


Author TreeNewal Staff

As North Texas continues rapid development, it’s vital to protect our trees. Construction activity can harm DFW trees and cause long-term damage to urban forest sustainability. In this blog post, we’ll explore how proactive tree services can help ensure North Texas trees are kept safe during every stage of property development. We’ll also discuss the importance of hiring a professional tree care company to mitigate the negative impacts of construction and restore optimal tree health in our communities.

Why Protect DFW Trees During Construction?

Trees are valuable assets that increase property values and sales for retail stores, reduce runoff and air pollution, and lower electricity costs. Many are cut down or displaced to make way for residential and commercial development, threatening the sustainability and ecosystem of our urban forests. Protecting trees during construction keeps trees safe and contributes to their long-term health and longevity. As Dallas/Fort Worth experiences rapid growth and development, we must aim to protect and preserve as many existing, healthy trees as possible.

How Does North Texas Development Affect Urban Forests?

Any construction project, no matter how small, can cause significant and long-term damage to tree health. The most common ways construction can harm and kill North Texas trees are:

  • Soil compaction: heavy machinery and foot traffic can easily cause soil particles to compress tightly together, inhibiting a tree’s roots from absorbing the oxygen, water, and nutrients needed to survive. Soil compaction also reduces the pore space in the soil, hindering fine root growth.
  • Soil contamination: Improper waste disposal, cleaning, and storing of construction equipment can poison tree roots and introduce heavy metals and other harmful chemicals into the ecosystem.
  • Changes in soil composition: construction activities like trenching, surrounding tree removals, and excavation change the soil composition and grade. This can significantly alter the growing environment the tree has grown accustomed to, resulting in additional stress. It can also kill the beneficial organisms and nutrients previously available in the soil.

What Are Proactive Construction Tree Services?

North Texas development and sustainable tree care services involve taking specific actions to keep existing trees on a property safe and minimize the effects of nearby construction activity. TreeNewal’s Dallas tree care experts can protect your trees during development and ensure they’ll be able to thrive long after the project’s completion.


  • Tree fertilization – tree fertilization provides necessary nutrients for tree growth and offers numerous benefits for all trees, especially those preparing or recovering from stress.
  • Rooting hormones – applying a slow-release fertilizer blend with MitoGrow, a rooting hormone, delivers the necessary nutrients for plant growth and promotes root hair development, enhanced cell growth, and improved tree health during an extended period.
  • Soil conditioning– applying soil amendments with organic Biochar and humate serves as additional sources of nutrients, enabling roots to quickly absorb nutrients and give them the boost they need to survive environmental pressures. Soil conditioning is particularly beneficial after construction because it helps reduce soil compaction, removes contaminants, and redirects the tree’s energy to enhance growth.

During Construction

For property owners looking to protect their trees on site, some preservation methods can minimize the effects of construction activity and ensure tree health recovery. As part of their tree preservation ordinances, many of these regulations are required by cities for residential, commercial, and public development projects.

  • Tree surveys
  • Protective fencing
  • Bark protection
  • No construction activity under the dripline or as far away as possible
  • Protection of the critical root zone
  • No parking, storing or cleaning of construction equipment and vehicles near protected trees


After construction, it’s critical to have an ISA Certified Arborist diagnose your tree’s health. They can determine whether construction has impacted your trees. Depending on the severity, they can provide a comprehensive treatment and maintenance plan to mitigate stressors and restore optimal tree health. Repeating the pre-construction treatment steps is recommended to maximize the longevity and resilience of your tree’s recovery.

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TreeNewal Professional Construction Tree Solutions

As a sustainable tree care company, TreeNewal is passionate about preserving North Texas trees and protecting urban forestry in Texas by providing eco-friendly tree services to residential and commercial property owners in Dallas, Fort Worth, Argyle, Denton, Flower Mound, Southlake, and Westlake. Our ISA Certified Arborists are specifically trained to safeguard trees around construction and support sustainable development planning. Some of our proactive tree services include assessing tree health, tree trimming and pruning, tree nutrition, tree emergency response, treating insects and diseases, tree surveys, and tree mitigation. Contact our Dallas tree care specialist at (817) 592-6846 for industry-leading tree care and unmatched customer experiences.

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